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    The fast chargers do but they like to put cheapo chargers with a lot of their kits. If I remember right a youtube video compared chargers from different brands and the dewalt battery on the fast charger stayed the coolest in that paticular test.
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    While the dcf899 or any high torque impact wrench is great to have in the arsenal, I think it's a bit overkill for a 3/8" anchor. I personally prefer a compact impact wrench for that size fastner but if you look at dewalts dcf890 3/8" compact impact wrench it's literally a dcf886 with a 3/8" anvil and different model number. So as long as you're not breaking bit adapters I can't hardly see how it would be any harder on the tool. Also I know the OP asked about battery longevity and I know all these sugestions are the proper ways to take care of tool batteries and I myself try to follow them to get the most out of my batteries. But the reality is there are a lot of people out there that are clueless about these things or simply dont care about tools the way us tool forum guys do and run the tools down to the last trigger pull every time and just throw them back on the chargers hot. I would be willing to bet the number of batteries that take the beating and just keep working far outweighs the number that actually crap out.
  3. Oh I didn't realize the current one key had anti kickback. I thought that was something new with the 2806. My bad.
  4. To the best of my knowledge the one key model isn't out yet. I think it's supposed to be released sometime in November.
  5. Yea I've been really happy with eservice as the last few things I've sent in they sent back new tools, I just don't want to abuse it either. It just kind of sucks because it's such a new product that none of the parts places even have the anvil. The only place I can find one is on ebay and while they seem like a legit seller it's coming from Alaska. The spring pin 45 in the parts breakout looks like it has a taper on both ends but on mine it was like the ends were both broke off leaving only a small piece in the middle. I really don't know what I could have done to break those off as they should be inside the anvil.
  6. I'm not sure what happened to the detent pin on my mid torque impact wrench but when I took a socket off the pin became stuck inside the anvil. I assume that the socket somehow was hitting on the detent pin, deforming it and now it is stuck down. I thought maybe if I drove out the spring pin the I might be able to get it out. After a long stuggle I was able to get the spring pin out but that seemed to be broke down inside the anvil and is only about 1/3 the length it should have been. Even with the spring pin out the detent pin is stuck. I thought I would maybe try drill it out but it's hardened and that does nothing. Its too small to get a die grinder at it. Has anyone else dealt with this issue and is there a trick to getting it out or do I just have to buy a new anvil. It's only a year old but I assume warranty isn't going to cover this.
  7. Just a few size comparison pictures. Doing a 3/4" structural bolt tightening test the new stubby can tighten the bolt so a m18 gen 2 compact impact wrench 2755 can't undo it. Which it should able to being that it has and extra 30ft/lbs of torque. A few final thought after comparing them side by side to the m12 and m18 impact drivers, I would still like to see them put a 3/8" anvil on the 1/4" size impacts. I can't wait to see what the m18 gen 3 compact impact wrench will look like if it's anything like the new driver.
  8. I got a email that mine shipped from toolnut today.
  9. Awsome video. Thanks for all your hard work.
  10. Probably something faulty with it, if it's brand new I would take it back and exchange it.
  11. I don't own any one-key tools so I can't tell you if it has the ability to disable a stolen tool. But it seems to be the general consensus on here that one-key is all but useless in the retrieval of stolen tools, which is one of the things its marketed as doing. A few guys on here have had them stolen and because it's all based on blue tooth and the milwaukee app, your stolen tool would have to be in blue tooth range of someone with the app to be tracked.
  12. My want for more xc batteries for my future stubby impact wrench led me to do bad things haha.
  13. I'd second staying away. Cordless power tools have come a long way in the last 20 years in terms of both power and runtime. Then on top of that hammer drills aren't real great at drilling into concrete. I personally just think you would be setting yourself up for an unpleasant experience.
  14. Curious how far out these really are, toolnut.com says they'll ship Sept. 1 and acme says Sept. 24. I figured toolnut just knew they were coming out sometime in September so they put Sept. 1 as a estimated date but as it gets closer I figured they would have adjusted it but they haven't yet.
  15. So yesterday I was drilling some holes in steel 50' up a tower and my 2803 drill caught and half way twisted out of my hand. I went to put it in reverse and the switch was jamed and wouldn't move. Thinking the switch was broke I climbed down to get a different drill and sure enough when I got to the ground the switch is working just fine. Not sure what happened that it jamed or when or if it'll do it again. I have to say besides that hiccup this drill is really impressing me. I think it's a combination of more power and a chuck that holds the bit tight, but it definately seems to drill through steel better than the gen 1 or 2. As far as the drill getting hot I haven't had any issues. I don't use big hole saws and I haven't used it to drill 100's of holes one after another yet, but with regular daily use I haven't noticed anything out of the ordinary.
  16. I don't know where you're from but a quick Home Depot search in the 12v drill/drivers you can find them. Bosch, Makita, and Milwaukee all have pretty big lineups of 12v tools if that's important to you. HiltI really doesn't have many 12v tools but if I weren't going to buy any other tools I think its the one I would lean towards but I really don't think you could go wrong with any of them. Hilti https://www.homedepot.com/p/Hilti-SFD-2-A-12-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Cordless-1-4-in-Drill-Driver-with-CA-B12-Adapter-3540143/207131850 Bosch https://www.homedepot.com/p/Bosch-12-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Cordless-Electric-1-4-in-Hex-2-Speed-Pocket-Driver-with-2-2-0-Ah-Batteries-and-Carrying-Case-PS22-02/204823317 Makita https://www.homedepot.com/p/Makita-12-Volt-Max-CXT-Lithium-Ion-1-4-in-Hex-Cordless-Driver-Drill-Kit-with-2-Batteries-2-0-Ah-Charger-and-Hard-Case-FD06R1/206759376 Milwaukee https://www.homedepot.com/p/Milwaukee-M12-FUEL-12-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Brushless-Cordless-1-4-in-Hex-2-Speed-Screwdriver-Kit-W-2-2-0h-Batteries-Hard-Case-2402-22/203835503
  17. Milwaukee makes some m12 drill drivers that have the 1/4" hex, model 2402 I believe is their newest. Another option might be a metabo 18v drill I believe they call them a "quick system" where the standard chuck pops off leaving a 1/4" hex drive. I'm sure there are other options from other companies but these are ones I know of off the top of my head.
  18. Well the dewalt sales flyer I got from my tool supplier today has price changes. It appears that most of the bare tools in the $100-$200 range got an extra $10 thrown on it. Dcf887 was $129 now $139. Single tool and battery kits seemed to have taken a $20 jump ex. Dcd996 was $199 now $219. I can understand that over time cost can go up but it's kind of hard to stomach when it's the same old product. At least the red marketing machine keeps rolling out "new" models so you feel like you're getting something more for your extra money. The one that catches my attention is the old dcf880 1/2" compact impact wrench. I would gladly give dewalt $160-200 for an updated brushless model but I was thinking we should be seeing a price drop from $129 on the current model not an increase to $139.
  19. In theory it shouldn't have any trouble taking off lug nuts, especially on a car. But that's not to say you couldn't run into a rusty one or one that someone over torqued with a big impact that it could struggle with.
  20. Yes there is a slight bump in power on tools most noticeable on tools like grinders and circular saws. The benefit comes from the larger packs with 15 cells vs 10 cells in your 3.0, 4.0, and 5.0 packs. It has been talked about before in different topics.
  21. I have the IWBH182 which is the impact wrench with the triple leds and it was nice when new but the side leds take a beating and break relatively easily. I assume it was more than just me having the problem because they went away from them in their newer models. While we are hard on tools we also have 9 dewalt impacts with the triple leds and they are all still working so to me it was a design flaw.
  22. I see the highly anticipated m12 stubby impact wrenches are up on milwaukees website. Looks like they'll be available mid September.
  23. I checked on mine and my gen 2 stuff has the noise but it seems to be completely gone on the gen 3 impact and drill.
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