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  1. I looked on e-replacement parts and it looks like the have the nut but not the backing plate, which looks to be a slightly differnet design than you see on most grinders. I also see there might be some on ebay with a dw402 search. We've had dozens of grinders over the years and while different brands might be slightly different, i think all of our dewalts are interchangeable and in general most nuts and backing plates are somewhat universal.
  2. Yea anyone who's had to knows it's not ideal nor is it fun but sometimes in the field you do what you have to do to get the job done. While we don't do this everyday it does happen and past drills never seemed to have this problem.
  3. While I can't say with 100% certainty because the ebay seller isn't a authorized by dewalt, I am about 99% certain that it was legit. There would have to be a lot of attention to detail and things like part number stamping for it to be a knock off and at that point I don't think it would be any cheaper for someone else to make.
  4. Another fun fact the guys brought in a 5.0 battery this morning and said oh yea this was on the drill when it quit working and now it won't take a charge.
  5. I wasn't there either time but the first time they were drilling 1/2" holes into 3/8" plate steel and it seems like no matter how many times you try to step up drill bit sizes when you get to that 1/2" bit there's always a little piece of metal that you have to pretty much break off. Which usually means getting the drill up to full speed and trying to ease it into the hole only to have it come to a dead stop at least a few times before it breaks through. They had 12 holes to drill and it happened somewhere along the way. The second time they had to do something that required taking a 30' long 3/8" cable and running it through a 1/2" water pipe and letting it hang out the end a couple feet and spin around like a helicopter. It's not something we do often and I've done it before too but when I did it I used an old piece of crap drill not my best drill. I know all these things are nothing short of abusing the drill but they are things we've done before with multiple other drills. It just seems like the 996 electronics don't like the abuse.
  6. We've actually already started to switch over to milwaukee but we still have a couple of trucks that have dewalt on them. To be honest we've had pretty good luck with the 20v max stuff and milwaukee while it's been good, hasn't been perfect either. The reality is we're just hard on tools but like you said the milwaukee warranty does seem to be better.
  7. I've considered going that route too but my main concern is that the drill isn't shutting itself down before it destroys itself. I know a person should be able to figure it out before they destroy it but when it's hired help and not their tools they get abused.
  8. Well it did it again, the guys were pushing the drill pretty hard today and it went dead. No lights nothing. Has anyone experienced this with a dcd996? I mean from the little bit I've used it, it seems like a solid drill except now the electronics have crapped the bed twice. The drills only 2 years old and for $70 on ebay I can get a whole electronic assembly but now I'm debating if it's worth trying to stick another one in the drill or just scrap it and start over with a completely new drill.
  9. This should calm my addiction until the stubby m12 wrench comes out.
  10. Yea I don't get where they come up with 60% more power and up to 2x more speed under heavy load. My first use with the new drill I had about 60 holes in 2 pieces of 12ga steel. There were 3/8" holes punched in the steel that were about a 1/4 of a hole off and I wanted to upsize the hole to 7/16". I was running the drill in high speed as I would on any drill. On all 60 holes the drill would bind one time and shut itself off before drilling through the hole. Now to me this was a pretty heavy load being put on the drill and I'm not really knocking the drill because our dcd996 and gen 2 fuel bind and shut down the same way, I just don't think it has that much more power. The main reason I wanted the drill was for how compact it was with as much torque as the gen2 and it does deliver on that. On a side note, it did seem to do a good job of holding the bit tight without slipping as I know my 2703 and 2704 would have with all that binding but it's also a new chuck so time will tell.
  11. I know the knarling looks like a rohm but when you get it next to a gen 1 or 2 you can tell it's a milwaukee chuck with a new grip sleeve.
  12. I'm not real familiar with sizes of machine screws but I know in the past when I've needed a belt clip screw I just took one out of a tool and went down to my small town hardware store and they match one for me. I'm sure if you have the screw they have a hex nut for it because it seemed to be a pretty common size screw.
  13. Practically the the same size as the milwaukee compact 2701 Fuel gen 1, 2, and 3
  14. Bare tool 2803/2804 should come with a side handle and belt clip. First impression of the drill is I can't believe how small it is for the power it has it feels like a compact drill. I got a 2803 drill/driver and chuck jaws don't have the carbide inserts. Also for all the people hopeful that the new drills would have a rohm chuck it definately is not. I would say the knurl pattern has more grip to it and the sleeve itself doesn't feel as flimsy as on previous chucks. While it's not important to me I find it kind of strange that no ones made any mention of the electronic clutch.
  15. Well one of two showed up today.
  16. Biggie

    Pre orders?

    Just looked at acme and it says in stock and ships in 1 business day so I would assume we'll be getting them shortly.
  17. Biggie

    Pre orders?

    Has anyone seen their pre order tools? I know most of the sites went from beginning of July to mid July but I didn't know if they just update the ship dates as they sell or if Milwaukee just delayed production.
  18. Yea they have some tools that catch my attention with their ip56 ratings. But I don't get their marketing strategy, I mean they won't even put their triple hammer impact driver and hammerdrill together as a package in the US. I also can't find a decent 4 or 5 tool combo kit which if you're going to get someone into your tool line I think a combo kit is a good start.
  19. I'm not sure if that's what's going on because now the battery doesn't seem to want to charge on my fast charger either. It flashes normal for a while and then it says it's charged but when I take it off the charger it still only has 1 bar. That being said it's worth a try maybe I'll mess with it some more tomorrow. Thanks
  20. Well now the battery while it says it's charging and charged on the fast charger still only reads one bar so it was a problem with the battery. For future reference it started acting up for like a month before it finally quit.
  21. We have have two dcb101 chargers on the truck with the 6.0 battery. So when the guys got back to the shop and said it wasn't charging again first thing I did was put it on a dcb115 charger and it started charging fine for like 10 seconds so I took it off and tried it on the two dcb101 chargers off the truck and sure enough it instantly started flashing fast "problem pack/charger". So then I took the battery and put it on my fast charger and that charged it up fine. Now the two dcb101 chargers will charge it fine for awhile until I think someone really drains it and then it like you have to jump start it again with a differnet charger.
  22. I have a 20v 6.0 xr battery that doesn't alway want to take a charge on dcb101 chargers. It's happened a few times now where it's like it gets run down too low and flashes fast on the dcb101 chargers in the truck but then it charges fine on a fast charger and on a dcb115 charger I have in the shop. Once it's charged back up it charges fine on the dcb101 chargers for a week or so and then it throws the error again. This is on a truck I don't work out of everyday so at first I thought my guys were overheating it on site and then by the end of the day when they threw it on the fast charger in the shop it was taking a charge. But today they said it was doing it so when they got back to the shop sure enough wouldnt take a charge on either dcb101 but I threw it on the dcb115 and away it went charging. Has anyone else experienced this? The dcb101 chargers charge 5.0 and 4.0 batteries just fine but could they be more sensitive to a drained 6.0 pack. Or is there just a problem with the pack that the other chargers just aren't picking up yet?
  23. That's kind of what I figured. I'm at a point with batteries where if I feel a power loss and the batteries at 1 bar I typically just change it versus trying to get that last bit of runtime out of the battery. Its just not worth killing a battery especially if i know ill need a new battery anyhow. That and I wont push this saw like a carpenter would.
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