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    1/2" Impacts

    Still no real confirmation either way but everything I've read there doesn't seem to be a 1/2" compact brushless impact wrench. I agree with Bremon, fuel is where it's at with impact wrenches currently but competition never hurts and I'm invested in both brands so I could jump back over pretty easily.
  2. Kind of a bummer that the new high torque pin detent impact wrench doesn't get the same 1400ft/lbs. Not that I really need it as the first gen ever was short on power for what I do, but if I'm going to "justify" getting the new one it better be the biggest and baddest and I work at heights so the the pin detent is a must.
  3. Biggie

    1/2" Impacts

    I hope so, I don't know what's taken them so long, but I just couldn't really tell from the picture and on jimbos post he has the mid torque listed but nothing about a compact.
  4. Biggie

    1/2" Impacts

    Is that a 1/2" compact Brushless or is that just the 3/8" next to the mid torque for a size comparison?
  5. It's been a tough couple of weeks for my metal circular saws. First mine sheared off the gear on the armature so I was using a older backup saw and then that burnt up. Good news is I got a new saw today.
  6. I think it's just the backwards people of the world like them because the blades on the left side haha.
  7. I'd like a 60v saw too but I want a metal circular saw. I think it's wishful thinking for me but maybe someday.
  8. Looks like some cool tools coming for metal fab. There are two different grinders the silver one he's using has a flat head for getting into tighter spots.
  9. If you can't find a use for it you could drop it off at my place haha. Don't have much info on it but it's on my short list of tools to get.
  10. I see the new grinder but I hope this isn't everything as that's the only new thing I see that a appeals to me.
  11. Yea there was a picture of what was maybe a mid torque or a redesign of a high torque on here a few months ago but it was hard to tell just what it was from the picture and the topic was deleted shortly after the picture got posted.
  12. I see you have the dcf885 impact driver listed which is an old brushless model just curious if its a typo and theres a new impact driver or if you just mis read it as new? I know I sound like a broken record, but is there any word on any impact wrenches coming out? Compact Brushless 1/2" or I've seen pictures of something that looks like it might be a mid torque?
  13. Obviously their are different levels of diyers but I have a 6 tool m18 fuel set at home (why I don't know) and 99.9% of the time I still use a m12 brushed drill. It just seems like for things around the house like assembling furniture, hanging pictures and curtain rods the smaller lighter tool fits the bill best.
  14. I just thought I would share my experience. My 60v dewalt string trimmer came with .080 line and to be honest it was a bit of a pain. It just seemed to break off too easily and it kept breaking off inside the head so I was constantly having take it apart and restring it. This could have been some operator error as maybe I should have been bumping the line more often. So today I picked up some .095 and tried it out. To me it was a night and day difference. I did my whole yard and really never had to bump out any line I just did a couple times to freshen it up. I know on workshop addicts review they said they saw some performance loss with the .095 but I didn't notice. Then again I run on the low setting and I'm just trimming up around my house maybe on high speed in heavy brush it gives it more trouble.
  15. I've never framed or finished a house before in my life which is probably why we have a difference of opinion haha. For me it's not that they don't offer a tool to get the job done it's just that other companies have better offerings in the tools I use everyday. I use a impact wrench like a lot of people use a impact driver now think if dewalts only impact driver was the dcf885. It gets the job done and I'm sure a lot of people still use it but there have been 4 different brushless versions since. So to me even though they have a compact 1/2" impact wrench, it's a hole in their lineup that milwaukee filled with a brushless a long time ago.
  16. I'm still waiting on a brushless compact 1/2 impact wrench and brushless 20v grinder. I'm glad I made the switch to milwaukee when I did because they seem to have a line up that better suits my needs but I would say the 60v grinder does impress me.
  17. The mid torque is nice for stubborn lugs that make the compact struggle a bit. My own personal experience is that where I can use the compact I do because it's still lighter and more compact. I'm lucky enough to have all 3 but if I were new to the market and could only have one it would be the mid torque.
  18. I have a mid torque and it really depends what you're trying to do with it. Its definately lighter and more compact than the high torque and it has more torque than the compact. But the compact is still my go to for anything under a 1/2" (3/4" socket). I've found that the bigger nose on the mid torque doesn't allow me to get as close to a corner when tightening a bolt on a flange.
  19. Biggie

    Bosch Brute

    I have the iwbh182 which is identical except its only an impact wrench. I don't use the lights very often and I'm sure they are bright but they aren't very well protected. The top two light kind of stick out and catch on things and break. I'm guessing this is why on their new impact wrench they dropped the three lights and just went back to one. My crew is pretty tough on tools but we have a number of dewalt 20v impacts and don't have any issues with the lights.
  20. It reminds me of the old saying jack of all trades, master of none. I think the grip is one of the best ive ever held and the motor is super smooth, I find it kind of strange bosch doesn't come out with just a brushless impact driver. Apparently the current chuck is finicky and it isn't as compact as it could be.
  21. Biggie

    Upcoming event.

    I think he's referring to a rat tail style vs a more barrel grip style. Which I would agree that the 20v grinder is pretty long and the hand guard makes it somewhat baulky.
  22. Well I'll be... when I got home I tried it again and it took some prying and flexing but it does get in there. I guess I have to retract my initial comment that a 9.0 doesn't fit.
  23. Really? I tried and I swear mine wouldn't but maybe I'll have to try again. When you say tight do you mean like flexing plastic tight?
  24. Yea it's a little bit too wide, a 2.0/6.0 fits. I'm sure it could be modified to work as it would just take a little trimming of the plastic stand but then it would still hang out the bottom.
  25. It was a good birthday season, got a blower to go with my string trimmer. Small oversight on my part though and I'm sure it's been covered before but my 3.0/9.0 from the trimmer doesn't fit in the 20v blower.
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