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  1. Yea I prefer the 18v too, they're so powerful and compact. I just assume the guys running a m12 will want the quiet surge the same way I wanted it with the m18 surge. As long as they can keep similar power to the current m12 fuel I would think it'd be a hit.
  2. Biggie

    X2 shear wrench

    Interesting, I've never seen one of these before. What does it turn the nut and bolt at the same time until it reaches a desired torque and then shears off the end of the bolt?
  3. I don't see how there wouldn't be a market for a m12 surge. I would think this market doesn't need high torque or high production, if they did they would probably be running a 18v of some type. But a lot of these people are working indoors (maintenance, plumber, punch list) and in small areas such as cabinets running mostly small fasters. As far as I'm concerned those are places the low noise level of the surge are really going to shine.
  4. I would like to see a metal cutting circular saw in a 60v version. I know 5-3/8" saws have been around for a while but they really don't have the power to cut heavier sheet steel. We use the milwaukee corded 8" circular saw all the time with 12 and 10 ga. steel fabrication. I'm not sure what blade size you would want the flexvolt to be as a 8" might be too big for a cordless and the 5-3/8" is a little on the small side for cut capacity.
  5. He's still not sure why the battery doesn't make a good connection and won't charge.
  6. I thought my guys were hard on tools but holy crap and it's only three years old. I know oils are hard on the rubber overmolds but that thing is beat. I don't think anyone would blame a company for not honoring a warranty but it's pretty awesome that acme did.
  7. None of them will compare to the 8" corded, it's a pretty bad*** saw. The 18v we have I think was designed more for cutting like roofing tin. It would do 12ga sheet steel but it worked it pretty hard and we never really used it. That being said I know power tools have come a long ways the last 10-15 years. Even if it's not a complete replacement for the corded saw if it were somewhere in between that and the old 18v I would have a lot of use for it.
  8. Have you actually seen the 20v brushless grinder? If so do you know when it might be released?
  9. I feel like milwakee has read my mind with the release of the mid torque impact, the die grinder, and now this metal saw. Does anyone have any experience with the m18 brushed metal circ. saw. We use the crap out of their 8" corded metal saw cutting 14ga to 3/16 steel. Back in the dewalt 18v days we bought one of these cordless metal circ. saws but it just didn't have the power and runtime. I've always been interested in the current m18 metal circ saw and said if it ever came out in the fuel I'd have to give it another try. I actually thought it would be best in a flexvolt package but who knows when or if that'll ever happen.
  10. Just curious if I'm the only one that thinks impact drivers have gotten a bit carried away? Don't get me wrong the more compact the better but it's like they got in a war to see who can take the biggest lug nut off. To me that's what a impact wrench is for. I think my 2753 has to much torque in setting 3 for a lot of things I do but setting 2 is too slow. The 2653 is almost a better combination of torque and speed to me. One question that I have and don't really know the answer to, is having more speed with less torque more controllable with smaller construction screws? It just seems like that is kind of the approach makita takes and they're king of impact drivers.
  11. Don't worry you can just buy a flexvolt saw and be good to go. People are always saying how they are the same battery platform. Hope you can read in sarcasm. haha
  12. I can only speak for milwaukee, dewalt, and bosch but they all seem to have some tolerance issues. Most recently I bought a dcf887 that the battery seems super wobbly on. I have multiple of tools where one is tight and the other is loose. But as has been said this is really a none issue with how the tools perform and is more a perception of the tools build quality.
  13. He must have a pretty good following. I saw it when it had been up for 3 hours and it already had 400 some comment.
  14. Biggie

    20v tools

    One of these times when I click on one of these post there is going to be a new tool from dewalt I'm excited about. But it's not today haha.
  15. Biggie

    Metabo ???

    I didn't realize acme carried metabo the only places I had heard of was lowes and cpo in the US. Which is why I was surprise at how spotty their line up has become. Sorry to raise any alarm. I'll have to get my fix at acme.
  16. Biggie

    Metabo ???

    So being the power tool enthusiast I am I like to research tools and tool prices. I dont own any metabo but I like to think someday i might. Last night I went to cpo metabo just to see what was new and much to my surprise they seemed to not have a lot of tools. I know I've been on there in the last 6 months and they had more tools. It's almost like they are selling out the line. From what Dan and Eric say in their videos I thought metabo was trying to expand in the USA. First the Lowe's thing didnt work and now I'm starting to wonder about cpo. Is there any other place in the US you can buy metabo?
  17. Like I said it's not a market I'm in but how cool would something like this be with two 60v slapped on it and painted yellow.
  18. Sounds like you're right you'll want a rotary hammer. I don't have any experience drilling into rock or with either bosch or makita rotary. I do have a m18 2712 and have used a dewalt dch253 both are 1"(25mm) rotary hammers. In concrete I usually get about 50 inches of drilling with a 5/8" (16mm) bit and a 5.0 battery, but it depends if the concrete is new or old or if you hit rebar. With a 3/8" (9.5mm) bit that number probably doubles or triples as it just doesn't work the drill nearly as hard. I would think the offerings from bosch and makita would give similar results.
  19. The brushless stuff is probably worth the extra $400, but I really can't imagine a situation where bosch brushed tools wouldn't be more than capable for a home owner. What are you using the rotary hammer? If you're just drilling a few 1/2" and under holes a year, a standard hammer drill would probably do the job just fine. I would say anything a home owner is going to drill a 18v rotary from any of the big names will be more than adequate.
  20. Yea there are a lot of interesting blacked out tools. Without knowing more details a lot of them don't hardly make sense as a 54v/60v. Maybe they aren't even flexvolt tools and just random blacked out tools to fill up space.
  21. Although I'm sure there is that market, it's not a market I'm interested in even if it would be really cool.
  22. It could be more of a mid torque size like the new milwaukee or IR but I wouldn't think you would want a flexvolt battery on it.
  23. Yea the rotary hammer was needed for one of the work trucks but the fuel drill was bit of a splurge. I've been wanting a second fuel drill on my truck for a while and they had $100 off with a old tool trade in plus a free battery. So a drill and three batteries for $180 and I caved.
  24. Looks like possibly a new impact wrench between the grinder and table saw? Not sure what to think of a flexvolt impact wrench, they already have the 20v 899. Which has gobs of power but is already so heavy that I wouldn't use it unless I had too. But I guess we'll have to wait and see.
  25. Sometimes I think I have a problem.
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