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  1. Can I replace a 5 hole 5” pad with a 8 hole 5” pad? Screw pattern is 3 triangle. Hook n loop of course.
  2. What’s the arbor size on the string trimmer? Has anyone mounted a brush cutting blade on the string trimmer?
  3. Ok it is the BJR182Z I’ve tried diablo blades, Milwaukee blades, dewalt blades, and finally today used the original makita blades that came with the saw. They all lock in securely I can’t pull the blades out by hand while locked and I start using it, the blades pop out. I’m going to try and clean it but, it doesn’t look dirty no paint inside the sleeve. And if it doesn’t hold the blades still I’m buying a Milwaukee fuel 18v.
  4. I’ll type the model number here and look it up online. I hope it’s not more than a $100 part I’ll ditch it for a Milwaukee fuel.
  5. Bought this oh 4-5 years ago worked great till now. I’ll use it on a couple of cuts and then the blade will just pop out. I reinsert the blade, locks in couple of cuts blade pops out. Repeat. The collet is locking and holding the blade I can’t remove it without rotating the collet up to release. Does this with wood and steel. Is that collet worn out?
  6. I have the dewalt 20v max Inflator. Aired up my side by side when I had a flat in the middle of the farm.
  7. Is the surge for wood working over metal tap screws? Both look to have the slow start feature for the tapping screws.
  8. That little guy has some torque! I was driving lag bolts, 4 in screws for 4 hours! Blows my 18 volt makita out of the water.
  9. Yes for brad guns, 18 ,16, 15 finish, and sometimes a framing though I don’t use it much Oh and my crown stapler.
  10. Will Milwaukee release a cordless small air compressor, like dewalt?
  11. I’ll show pictures once I start, at work sometimes we build inset cabinets with drawers, not sure if I’ll go that route possibly make the drawers dovetail. Lot of ways I can go. I got delayed, neighbor had 3 broken drawers to repair and another neighbor wants their deck replaced. I’m the neighborhood handyman.
  12. Im ditching this old metal deck that I got free back in 1999 It was great for what I needed at the time, but I want deeper drawers and little custom aspect to what I need. I’ve been tempted by the mobile benches from husky and Milwaukee but, dang they are expensive and fall short of what I need. 2x4 construction, I will dado my partitions, use full X guides on the drawers. Possibly glue up a top maybe not see how the budget is.
  13. 1/2” Russian birch with hickory handles Took me 4 hours. These are for holding fence supplies. Rabbited ends, undermount 1/2” bottoms.
  14. Haven’t noticed that I’ll have to use it more. Good I’m left handed the dust doesn’t hit me I do kind of wish the arbor was diamond shaped like my mag 77
  15. Used mine yesterday It’s quiet for a circular saw cuts fine, I love it
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