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  1. @OldDominionDIYer bro, that site is “ toolguyd” first he compares the m18 to the TSTACK radio which is not the gen 1 or gen 2 TOUGHSYSTEM..radio..cmon....I get you love Milwaukee but try to be fair. ...I hope your m18 works great for you @mohawkdec..I just think your tough system is old, beat up, and probably clogged up compared to a brand new m18 radio...the bass is no where near the tough system...treble ya...overall sound ( if you love bass) no... btw..toolguyd is sponsored and paid to review products he receives for free...He heavily favors Milwaukee and foreign tools over American made..he is also just a tech guy not in the trades.
  2. @OldDominionDIYer..your a diy guy..your wrong and you should speak to people that know..the new plant has 50 new jobs. Which I did say is great. I also own more Milwaukee then Dewalt tools followed by makita...I don’t use Milwaukee tools to frame because they suck for that purpose. Nothing still beats flexvolt.. so to say I don’t like Milwaukee is bogus. I hate anything not made in America,( except German hand tools) if I had a choice I’d buy everything American made, just like millions of Americans feel.....it provides jobs here for Americans...unfortunately most cordless tools aren’t made here. . Almost every Milwaukee tool says made in China. As I said some things are made here and I applaud that...every new job for an American is good..
  3. @TOGeo..I was gonna say a shadow light can’t be off at all.. and no way a diablo ,new blade would make bad cuts if not damaged....glad you found out
  4. Framer joe


    Why would you buy that mini saw?
  5. @paulengr...never had a problem leaving lithium batteries on the charger. I always do....as far that radio charger, upgrade to lithium batteries instead of stem batteries, that’s some old school junk.
  6. Not multi volt. ..maybe buy the charger from your country
  7. Don’t use a laminate trimmer to plane doors.use a planer, hand plane or battery. Most likely jambed it up.
  8. The city is not the company..TTI that owns Milwaukee makes 99% of their tools in China. I applaud TTI for building a plant in the USA and giving jobs to 50 Americans., awesome. Any American job is great...
  9. Dewalt does not need to improve on the 12” mitre saw...its spectacular. The festool is not better just not jobsite worthy...they do need a double bevel 7 1/4” mitre saw..
  10. You should be buying Ryobi for house projects. Absolutely no need to buy into any other brands for just house projects. That would be a waste of money.
  11. It lights a large area, no Bluetooth....I own it, but prefer to use my 2 m12 rockets, just easier to store
  12. Got it, broke it...cheap ones are just as good
  13. @OldDominionDIYer..m18 sucks for framing,remodeling...no where near the power of flexvolt. Not even close. Yes they made tools but they are not good....Milwaukee for plumbing,auto, hvac,,yes..great tools
  14. Returned the m18...sorry does not compare to the tough system gen 1...nowhere near the bass..or sound quality....
  15. @reddawg60...erecting metal buildings using a impact? Dude, we have tons of steel in our custom homes and no one is using compact impacts..impact wrenches are for Hd work. A compact impact { driver, as it’s called} is not used for that..it’s intended for screws and small diameter , short, lags, truss loks, timber locks,etc...try using the correct tool for the job.. ....you must be part of the vcg gang...Milwaukee is a joke for framing...you should be using All impact wrenches...
  16. @paulengr...for framing new homes, no...for remodeling,yes..been using my 4 cordless guns for 3-4 years building decks everyday..no problems and cordless is a must on new construction, no power..or use a gas compressor, no thanks.....
  17. 4 Dewalt framing guns, 4 years now? Over 200000 nails, never rebuilt, still beasts....I will try the Milwaukee when it comes out...
  18. @Jronman..Dewalt....make....a premium level mitre saw? Are you serious? Do you know that the Dewalt mitre saw out sells every other mitre saw combined.? It’s on every framing crew and remodeling crew and finish company I’ve ever seen... Hitachi used to make a great 12” mitre saw.. Festool has great dust collection,but cuts no better then Dewalt. Metabo HPT ? Seriously...your watching too many sponsored videos...
  19. Buy the 791..and be done for the next 10 years
  20. No need for an updated planer, it works great
  21. No way it’s the saw twice....
  22. Good looking light...but hate wobbles...the smaller one is sweet
  23. @Jronman...never said Dewalt beats everyone..at everything,,,but..please tell me what tools beat any flexvolt tool except the sawzall???? As for 20v tools , every tool challenge I see has Dewalt 1 or 2 ( or top 3...which is usually their older 887 or 791)..heck even the 996 is still one of the best. The 20v planer, sander, router, grinders, oscillator, etc. are all top 2... I actually have more money in Red then Dewalt, but I stand by my statements. Dewalt engineers great tools that stand the test of time..they don’t have gen 1,2,3,4..every year. As a framer they are all abused everyday. Along with makita and Milwaukee... For yourself and Diy guys any brand will do. But not for professional builders. As I’ve said if I was a plumber I’d buy all Red...fabrication, all Metabo...and Makita is just damn good at everything and has the best impacts.....but you can see for yourself all these companies changing battery platforms to keep up with flexvolt. Milwaukee just decided to forget flexvolt and jump to “ corporations “ large industrial work..because the 72v line is clearly not meant for regular construction, framing, remodeling...no builder is buying that stuff. But maybe industrial sites would. Elec companies, not sure... Fan boy? Is it a fanboy if you have less yellow then red, and a boatload of teal. it’s about business, what gets the job done the fastest.and lasts. Definitely not about batteries, cuz yellow are ridiculously priced compared to red...but teal doesn’t have large ah batteries yet.(6ah Max) so that limits makitas cordless line.
  24. Does look interesting
  25. Never heard of this...we run 8/ 577..and 10/575...rain, snow, definitely abused framing...the flex are stronger then the 20v circs...
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