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  1. I have had no problems with the lights. They are wired directly to the battery. With an in line fuse. I had originally planned to remove them in the summer as I have more daylight to work, but never got around to it. I chose that location because it worked best for me. I don't use it in the winter. A thought here, do you take the weights off when you put the blade on it? You could some kind of Mount to raise up from the weight mount points
  2. I added lights to my Scag 52" Tiger Cat (2015). I used lights from Rough Country. I think I paid $150. The lights are 2 smaller ones. I did have to add angle brackets to make them work. The kit included the wiring harness with a separate fuse, and on/off button. I think they put out 2600 lumens each. They do a nice job of lighting up the path I'm going. The Scag kit I think is around $200 or more. If you would like more pics just ask
  3. Throw it away and get a real one. Go to an outdoor power equipment dealer and buy one there. The quality and reliability far exceeds anything from ryobi
  4. As a lawn contractor I have tried stihl, shindawia, Tanaka, and echo( not the ones home Depot sell). The best ones I have found and have used for years are Redmax. I currently have 3 whips, 2 edgers, 1 multi tool, 2 backpack blowers, and a hedge trimmer. The way that the engines are made creates more power in my opinion. They are balanced prefect for me. Last summer I tried the Dewalt 20v for the hell of it. I could not stand it. The balance was way off, it was too top heavy. Meaning the trimmer head wanted to come up as I was using it. Husqvarna owns Redmax. They have also rebrand
  5. Jrhky36

    Home Depot

    Not sure if it is gen2. I'm changing over to milwaukee from dewalt. It is the mid range torque. I'm using it to change the blades on my mower. For the cost of a battery and charger at regular price not Christmas pricing it was a great deal. The regular price was $299.
  6. Jrhky36

    Home Depot

    Found this last night. Didn't believe the sticker had someone scan it. It was correct got it for 50% off of secular price and added my veterans 10% to bring the price to $135 before tax
  7. We started filling it with water on Friday and had to repair several leaks in the pvc. The wife did all the plumbing. It has been completely filled with water. The controller cycled through the system and is heating the water. Next is to finish the insulation, she'll and step she needs.
  8. Update. Sorry for not posting as we go. So now we have just about everything in place. We ended up laying fiberglass overy the plywood. After it was dry and a drain plumbed in we filled it with water. Found a small leak in the pvc drain line. The wife repaired it. She has been doing all the plumbing. 2 sides have the exterior skin on them, and it has been pushed into place. It's just hard to find the time to work on it. Will try to post pictures this weekend
  9. Where I work we have a lowes around the corner and HD across the street. HD is always packed and lowes seems to be empty. Within the next year or so Menardsplans to open a 2 story store less than 1/2 a mile from lowes. If Menards does open it could spell the end of lowes at that location.
  10. Framing is 2x6 with 3/4 plywood. The outside skin will be t1-11. The power of water is definitelysomething i am thinking about
  11. I put 4.5" carriage bolts in each corner. After the plumbing is in i will most likely be adding more bolts to each corner. The wife is ordering a custom pond liner that will drop in. The plumbing for the jets will be 2" and 1.5" pvc. Will be adding some type of bevel to each corner to help with water follow around the tub
  12. She wanted it to be 48" deep so she can exercise in it. And the length so she can swim with a harness. It realy is a therapy pool, like one you might find at a rehab place
  13. Wife needs a deep hot tub. Nobody makes one 48" deep. So we looked on you tube and got ideas. Well the framing is done. Next step is order jets, heater, and liner. The size is 72 x 84. Build 4 steps/seats into one side. Will update photos as the project rolls on.
  14. No dont want to over do the electrical system. I currently use chem lights/ lightsticks on the rear. When i put up for winter i will disconnect the lights from the battery.
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