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  1. I know it seemed like a deal for $58.00. But I would not have paid anything for it. Not worth the money for the batteries But by the time you buy the batteries you could just buy a Ryobi kit on sale and have way more power. But better to put that toward a makita 18v
  2. Thanks all. I am to heavy in Makita with about 20 batteries 18V to consider anything else. Something I would only use once or twice a year. From the link above it looks like the milwaukee has more power than Makita 18 x 2. So I think I will just wait for them to come out with a brushless version of the 18 x 2 model. Also I need to get out of the idea that just because Makita makes a tool I have to have it. If needed I still have a corded Bosch bulldog (could use more power) and my Hilti hammer drill. Besides the newer brushless makita cordless hammerdrill.
  3. Can't seem to decide on the 18 volt or the 18 volt x2 Any suggestions
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