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  1. Pretty much agree with everyone here, 3HP and above is pretty cumbersome to handle freehand. Best used in a router table. I have the PC 7532(3 1/2HP) in a cast iron Bench Dog router lift. Love this setup, being able to adjust the router bit height from above is the best thing since sliced bread. For freehand work I use the Bosch 1617 and Bosch Colt. I try to use the Colt whenever I can get away with it because the thing is so damn handy. Also second Conductors recommendation, the Grizzly 36 piece router set is a great way to start. The only bits that I have upgraded are the 1/2", 3/4" straight bits an the 1/4" round over. Though I have added quite a few bits to this set, the tongue and groove set is probably used the most(I do a lot of wainscot and cabinet doors). Whiteside and CMT are great upgrade bits.
  2. I don't have a problem? I see a tool I want, hands shake..eyes twitch, walk out of the store, pace back and forth a few times then walk back in and buy the tool. Been doing this for years, whats the problem
  3. Who else but AvE would do a teardown on their own YouTube award:)
  4. His channel has 438,117 subscribers, with over 81 million views. Pretty impressive for a single owner and operated channel.
  5. No, my thought was more for general purpose fastening especially in hard wood where the screw bit tends to cam out of the screw head(especially Philip's head screws). My idea was that a properly timed downward strike with the rotational impact would avoid this, but I have countless bad ideas that have gone nowhere:)
  6. That thing is a beast, should be able to pass it down to your grand-kids:)
  7. Plumbers, Doctors and Lawyers...this is why you guys make the big bucks:) I have never run across a whole house trap in my area? You have a trap at each fixture, what is it for just extra protection?
  8. Yeah, the guy does not have a filter when he talks, just tells it like he sees it. Overall though I was impressed with DeWalt's build quality. In their defense the Fein teardown didn't have any epoxy on their winding either. Though they were attached better and less susceptible to vibration.
  9. We use to have quite a few dedicated tool stores in my area, including Woodcraft. A large portion of my youth was spent in those isles:) Then Home Depot and Lowes opened stores every 10 miles of each other and the smaller tool stores just couldn't compete even though they had 10X the selection. It really is sad, I have to drive an hour to Jackson's hardware in San Rafael to find anything HD or Lowes doesn't carry.
  10. I actually ran this idea past DeWalt about 5 years ago. The thought being to time each hammer impact ever so slightly after the rotary impacts. Where hopefully this would avoid cam out when driving fasteners(force the bit into the screw on rotary impacts). Sent drawings, graphs, etc...never went anywhere though.
  11. Like I said AVe is at it again. This guy kills me:)
  12. Nice find...for me HF tools are great for those jobs that you only do a couple of times a year. Early on I didn't do a whole lot of concrete work and picked up a small HF combi-hammer for $20 with coupon, laughed all the way to the bank every time I used it. It served me well until the handle started to come apart a couple of years ago and have since replaced it with Bosch's latest model. Build quality is night and day vs. the Bosch and I love it, but I tell you...When I had the HF combi knowing that I only paid 1/10th the price of everyone else, I was probably just as happy:)
  13. How bad is the damage...Cracked, stripped threads? Got a picture
  14. You can check for distributors near you here https://www.metabo.com/us/enus/storefinder/
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