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  1. I bought a set of Kobalt metric combination wrenches for $18 on clearance: Taiwan manufacture. Very nice chrome, and each wrench is longer than the equivalent USA Craftsman I bought in the '90s: Lowes is blowing out a lot of Kobalt stuff at bargain prices to make room for all the SBD Craftsman they're bringing in. Downside is it's not going to be as easy to get warranty replacements any more. But for a set of wrenches this nice for only $18, I'll take the risk.
  2. I bought an acetate handle screwdriver set and happily wasted too much time making a rack for it: The recesses ensure they stay put until they're lifted, and the slots let me take them out without lifting them all the way.
  3. I didn't buy these today, but I finally got around to unpacking them today:
  4. I got this: New old stock Craftsman 7" woodworker's vise, Japan, complete with owner's manual (such as it is). Found it in an antique mall for $34. I feel like I stole it.
  5. I don't know yet. 😅 Haven't cut anything with it yet. Gonna put a Diablo blade on first.
  6. I didn't exactly buy it today, but I got this Delta 12" sliding compound miter saw: This uses articulating arms rather than rails, like the Bosch, so it can sit close to a wall. That's perfect to build into a miter station: I'm rather happy with how that turned out. I have construction pictures but I'll refrain unless anyone is interested.
  7. How does this guy still have all his fingers? Makes me think of this:
  8. Well, I decided to keep the reciprocating saw. It's quite nice and has plenty of power. Unfortunately free saw does not come with free case, and I like all my power tools to have cases. Keeps things together. I asked Skilsaw if a case was available and they offered to sell me a canvas bag. No thanks. If I wanted a canvas bag I'd go to the grocery store. So, what to do? Make one! This turned out pretty much as I intended. I like it and I think I'll make a few more, for other uncased power tools I have knocking around.
  9. Apparently that one was too easy.
  10. Here's another one: I'm the tool you grab when you don't know exactly what you need. I'm often called by a brand name, but my real name is different. I'll open up for you when you rub me with your thumb. What am I?
  11. Awww. It's like Groot and Baby Groot.
  12. Nope. I knew the wood pulp thing was going to throw people off. dmz2084 was right when he said cellulose acetate. Specifically cellulose acetate butyrate, which seems like plastic but is made from wood pulp or cotton instead of petrochemicals like "real" plastics. And the answer is: The classic Craftsman screwdriver.
  13. Right you are. Care to take a guess at the tool?
  14. I'll give this one until the end of the day and then reveal the answer.
  15. Well, either your doctor is careless or mine is overcautious, I guess. Part of it might be that I hadn't had a tetanus booster since 1968. I went to the doctor because my wife wanted me to go. To keep her happy, I told her I'd go the next day if it didn't look better in the morning. And it didn't; the next day it looked kind of gross, actually, and it bled for two and a half days before it finally closed up. So I had to keep my promise and go.
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