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  1. Anyone that uses the crane portion has to be certified. So all the lead installers.
  2. Man talk about a busy month! Bout to go to 10 hour days and weekends. Haven't been posting much just reading. Time for me to post something lol. So here's some window graphics i installed earlier this week. Monument sign Bout 30 denny wall signs. Another corner bakery Also installed another cubesmart. Osha is putting some new rules out for the sign industry so been working on that scam among other things. Have to pay thousands for a cert to avoid thousands in fines. So if you don't hear from im still here, just busy slamming my head into the desk ha.
  3. I've had a few drill bits and sheet metal screws in my fingers and hand. Always just backed it out lol. Oops haha
  4. Now just as some pricing and you're in business!
  5. Looks nicer then my coop lol
  6. That looks nice. Good idea, good execution.
  7. Yes, exactly what i was looking for.
  8. Congrats! My boy just turned 2. Enjoy your sleep while you can.
  9. I did duct work in the union. Sign fab is much more enjoyable lol
  10. I think so too lol. I've always enjoyed building signs. Duct work sucks lol
  11. I have big hands so not am issue for me, but thanks for the heads up. Ended up getting a set of drills donated to me by @Fletcher94
  12. Helps if i upload the pics right? Duh!
  13. Free to whomever can make use. I sold the equipment this was bought for. No use. Lmk if you want and I'll get it shipped end of this week along worn some other shipments i should of sent out weeks ago. Don't expect fast shipment. I'm a huge procrastinator lol but it will ship lol.
  14. Here's some pics of recent stuff that went out
  15. The cover flips up but can be taken off. He bought it from a guy in northern az in 92 or 93. Civilian model though. Military model would of been cool though, at least for collector value.
  16. My bosch 12v stands up. You just have to buy the larger battery.
  17. Hopefully in the next year i can get it inside the garage to rip it all apart.
  18. One pto the other is an override when in 4 low and hit a flat spot. Shift it and your in high. You don't shift gears when you use it though. They don't do that anymore. You have to stop and shift. Maybe electronic ones you don't have to stop?
  19. Bought a12v 4a battery for my bosch tools on amazon. Better be awesome lol
  20. I usually give it away to someone who wants or needs it. If i charge anything its not much. I accumulate tools myself and once in a while i clear out doubles i never use and pass em on. Speaking of, @Fletcher94 bout to ship your package been waiting on some things to get shipped in. It's coming soon I promise lol.
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