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  1. I started doing pens about a year ago when I had to relocate to the city and live in an apartment. They do pass the time, but you can get pretty creative. I really enjoy the wood pens and have recently started turning acrylic pens also.
  2. Finally got around to finding a mobile cabinet for my apartment dust collection system. $100 base cabinet, added casters and a cheap table top. Doubles as a mobile table when we have guest.
  3. I have the Lowes quiet tech air compressor and love it. It runs about 10 or 12 decibels less than most air compressors it's size and has been trouble free since I bought it which was only a few months ago. I mainly use it for small cfm air tools like drills, a small sander, and blowing off my work station when I'm doing small projects. Comes in handy when I blow the junk out of range brass before cleaning in my ultra sonic cleaner. I actually did a video showing the noise difference between the Quiet Tech and a pancake compressor the same size but was never able to upload to this group. A hair dryer is louder than the Quiet Tech. Bought it mainly because of less noise, compact size and the fact that I currently reside in an apartment, so I have to keep the noise level down to an acceptable level. Fits perfect in my portable work bench I keep tucked away in my closet.
  4. Had a buddy years ago who did the same thing. He would collect the cooking oil from local restaurants and make his own diesel. I think he said he had to add some type of chemicals to it. He drove for almost free while he had the truck.
  5. When I'm not working at my day job, You can find me either in the apartment reloading or making something cool with one of my lathes or at the range shooting up my reloads. Here's what I made today on my metal lathe using a piece of stainless steel I had laying around.
  6. My new stainless steel wedding ring. Took most of the day to make because I didn't have a good carbide tip boring bar. Now maybe all the ladies will stop chasing me.
  7. Those Delta saws take up a lot of room. It would be nice if it served more than one purpose.
  8. That's a great idea. I have the same Delta table saw sitting in my garage at my other home. Let me know how it works out after you get it going.
  9. Welcome Stan. You will find a great group of folks here that will be willing to help with any questions you have. Dig in on the different topics and share your work, hobbies and ideas.
  10. Feeling your pain. Went home for Christmas and spent too much time troubleshooting my furnace problems. Finally got it fixed by replacing the fan switch and blower motor.
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