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  1. Also listed on eBay so will update the OP if something sells.
  2. I buy stuff and then never get around to using it. I need to get rid of some of this stuff to make room and funds for something new. All items include USPS shipping from Queenstown, MD. Flexvolt Grinder, DCG414B - $130 -sold Flexvolt Grinder, DCG414B - $130 - Sold pending funds Veritas Medium Shoulder Plane w/ PM-V11 blade - $190 - Sold Veritas Low Angle Jack Plane w PM-V11 blade - $225 - Sold 4x Bessey BPC-H12 1/2" Pipe Clamps - $60 for the set. If someone wants everything I'll do $675 shipped USPS. None of these items have been used
  3. Bought the Milwaukee M12 Compact Inflator last week, the morning after it arrives I get in the car and the tire pressure light is on. 5 minutes later it's off (had to figure out what tire was slack) and the inflator now lives in the car 24/7 for convenience. Used it to inflate two tires the other day, they were sitting for a while and at 0.5 PSI. Love the fact that it screws on so I don't have to hold the chuck on the stem.
  4. No updates on this currently, I actually bought a 500mm X-Carve recently so this has gone to the back burner. I'm going to use that to help determine how I build my own. I know I want a larger Z axis and a frame setup that is stiff enough to handle milling aluminum blocks.
  5. I don't have photos of everything but recent tool additions include: 500mm Inventables X-Carve Monoprice MP Mini Delta 3D Printer Some Amana Tool 1/8" shank and Whiteside 1/4" shank router bits Tacklife digital calipers Dewalt 2x 20V Max Lawn Mower Campbell Hausfeld MP290001AV Air Brush Kit The lawn mower is hopefully going back to Acme for a replacement because FedEx beat the crap out of it to the point that a rear wheel is bent inward, which really sucks because I need to mow the yard and the riding mower is on it's last leg. I looked at the Ego but a
  6. This wasn’t a purchase but a gift. My uncle came across some planes at a yard sale. Two firsts, my first Stanley and my first transitional plane. It’s a No. 27 which means it was made between 1870 and 1918 so it’s between 100 and 148 years old. I plan on giving it a very light cleaning, maybe putting a protective finish over, and making it just a display piece.
  7. Get the Ridgid. I love my Milwaukee stuff, but I only love the stuff I have now. If you're going to get Milwaukee you need to get Fuel models or at the very least the brushless models when available.
  8. The final part of the first Lee Valley order I placed two weeks ago finally showed up today. Low-Angle Jack Plane with a PM-V11 blade.
  9. There are a couple LN planes that I will probably pick up if I find a need for the particular plane. The #7 and the #8 since Veritas doesn't have them, unless I can find a Millers Falls equivalent before then in decent condition and at reasonable price, but eBay sellers seem to think that ones in absolutely terrible condition should be the same price as a new LN. The little #102 bronze block plane is also kind of calling my name. I have the Veritas apron plane, but still the LN is bronze which means it's heavier and better for some work. I think LN has a better chance of getting my other hand
  10. I looked at the Lie-Nielsen shoulder planes online and something about the lever cap just made me go "I don't think it would be comfortable". Granted I have to get used to using a shoulder plane in general but the LN also looks like I could easily break the lever cap because of how thin it is compared to the Veritas. It could be unbreakable for all I know but it just comes off as fragile for lack of a better word. In general I like the overall appearance of Veritas planes better and for $14 more in this case I get PM-V11. Some of LN's planes are more expensive then their Veritas co
  11. Which one did you get, the Semi-Pro or the Hobby-Pro and did you get the gravity feed or bottom feed gun? The box is vague at saying what is inside and all of the models seem to be the same except one comes with a gravity feed gun.
  12. My second Lee Valley order from last week arrived today containing 10 really small rare earth magnets. And a medium shoulder plane with a PM-V11 blade. While typing this I got a notice that the other item from my first order
  13. The first half of my first order from Lee Valley last week arrived today, it's also the least interesting (to me) item of the order since it was an impulse add on. A FeatherPRO feather board. I'm looking forward to putting it to use on the table saw and will come in handy as I square off some 2x4's for a project. Second order should be shipping today and the other half of this order was supposed to be in-stock last Friday but no update on it.
  14. Example of the Milwaukee deal. http://www.acmetools.com/shop/tools/milwaukee-outdoor-power-equipment/DiscountDetailsDisplayView?code=Milwaukee+2725-21HD+Your+Choice+May-10113560&langId=-1&storeId=11301&catalogId=10551&productId=3074457345617432902
  15. Milwaukee and Dewalt both have drills and string trimmers. Milwaukee tends to have deals where you buy a string trimmer kit and get a free leaf blower or hedge trimmer.
  16. Seconding the inverter, you’ll be able to use it for more than just charging Milwaukee batteries and you can upgrade chargers as new ones come out or if you add another battery lineup.
  17. That is a terribly misleading choice of words, I thought you meant they were under $10 each not the difference between the two in price! 🤣 I dropped everything and went right to the Home Depot website because if they were under $10 I was going to buy 20 of them.
  18. I have a friend that owns the 734 which I assume is just the newer version of this planer, he likes it and it does a good job from what I have seen. This sounds like a decent deal if it works, is in good condition, and you can get parts for it should you need them. Something to consider, if you want new instead of used you could get a similar style planer from Cutech for $9 more than the Dewalt currently with free shipping. I have this planer but haven't put it to use yet since winter was cold (no heat in the "shop") and I've been swamped with work since it arrived, I mainly bought
  19. Says it starts May 22nd which is tomorrow but the checkout is already showing free shipping.
  20. Lee Valley is doing free shipping again on orders over $40. http://www.leevalley.com/us/home/page.aspx?p=60912 Of course this happens two days after I place an order. I emailed them to see if they’ll apply it to my order since the item is back ordered until Friday and I haven’t been charged yet.
  21. I have been so busy with work that I haven't had a chance to do anything in months, instead of screwing around trying to figure out workbench plans to suit my needs and planning out every detail of the shop I'm just going to take the fast/easy way out for now and eventually get around to doing everything I want. For a general workbench I'm building Guy Dunlap's Small Hand Tool Workbench, probably not out of ash though: The walls are going to get OSB and then painted white The power tools are going to stay the same for now at some point I'm going to pick
  22. Sold both the 1/2" High Torque and 3/8" Milwaukee Impact Wrenches since the new M12's have been announced and I figured it would be easier to sell them before the M12's come out. Since I keep sockets in the car for tire changes and the high torque used to live there I picked up a Gearwrench 15" breaker bar until the M12 comes out. I've been meaning to pick up some of these for a while to keep in the car all the time since I move the TSTAK with the impact out to charge batteries. I went with the 15" instead of the 24" since it can fit in a TSTAK and will probably make it's way into the ratchet
  23. That’s good to know. I’ve been thinking of picking up that saw even though I have a One-Key Sawzall since it’s only $79 and I’m curious enough to try it. It also would give me a recip saw that could be loaned to trustworthy family but cheap enough for them to replace if something goes wrong.
  24. Likes: M12 1/2" Impact Wrench M12 Rocket Light M18 Table Saw M18 Barrel Grip Jigsaw M18 12Ah Batteries M18 Chainsaw PACKOUT Slim Organizers PACKOUT Mounting Plate Rover Light w/ Carabiner The impact wrench is just a convenience thing for me, I have a M18 1/2" High Torque Impact Wrench that currently lives in the car with a set of Craftsman lug nut sockets, flash light, batteries, and charger. While this is great to have, being able to replace it all with M12 items makes the box lighter and may give me room for a second flashlight.
  25. Flexvolt 6Ah batteries on sale for $99/each. https://www.homedepot.com/p/DEWALT-FLEXVOLT-20-Volt-60-Volt-MAX-Lithium-Ion-Battery-Pack-DCB606/207135402
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