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  1. Welcome to the crew Will!
  2. Welcome to the family, Doug!
  3. Welcome to the forum, Marcin! I'm traveling to Europe in March...heading to Switzerland then Germany and Austria
  4. Thanks Eric! Hey, don't know if you saw my reply on another thread... but you and Dan should really plan a local meetup and hold a toolathon or tool challenge...since it seems there are many guys in the Chigago area
  5. IMHO you're better off outfitting a walk-in trailer with similar features yourself. Don't know the price on the custom trailer but unless that company is selling it for less than they make it...they most likely cut corners in order to save on pricing... creating a less-than-perfect trailer that could be better.
  6. Saw the commercial for flex seal tape last night. Looks impressive...but I dunno if I'd trust that has a permanent fix. Guess we'll have to wait and see how the population likes it.
  7. Welcome to the crew...They don't just let anyone into this family so congrats
  8. Welcome to the crew Zach! What kind of sheet metal work do you do? I engineer custom food service casework primarily fabricated with steel tubing and sheet metal
  9. Thanks Chris -- Yup, Patriots fan here! I probably shouldn't say that though, I might get crap for it... People hate losing
  10. Hahaha thats awesome! Let us know how the nailer is after you test it. I was thinking about getting one but the super low price worried me a bit
  11. Hey Phil, nice Monte! My father used to have a 85 and 86' SS...great cars. Cant wait for more updates
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