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  1. Hello.. I've been busy this summer with a flag stone patio.. Its 16 feet in diameter. I am now putting down the base stone and I was wondering if it is nessary to rent a power tamper.. or can I get away with tamping with a handheld tamper tool.? thanks..
  2. I just checked out rigid and the Triton drills do look pretty darn close to them.. thanks..
  3. Sorry but what is a rebranded 'aeg' ?? Is that good or bad? thanks.
  4. I was my local Rockler store and they had a Triton hammer drill and impact driver combo on clearance for $119.00 regular price of $250.00. I didn't really need it (already have a 18 volt makita drill and a mini Bosch impact driver) I went ahead head and bought it. It came with two 20 volt batteries, hammer drill, impact driver, charger and bag. Batteries are 2 amp batts.. For $119.00 I think price was great - almost a steal.. I don't know if I would have bought at reg price of $250.00 anyone else have this drill? How do you like?
  5. No cast iron pipes.. all pvc.. Plummer (actually not a full Plummer - drain specialist technicians) said same think.. he thought in backed up through toilet flange and wax ring. Just what yo said.. thanks for help.. just wanted to confirm and get another opinion.. any response to my drywall all question anyone?? thanks..
  6. My tenants clogged the toilet somehow and I had to have the drain cleaned out.. anyways two weeks ago they were using the tub in upstairs bath and when they drained it the master shower started spewing black gunk and toilet paper etc.. i had a Plummer clean drain with power machine and 900.00 later drain is cleaned. then there was a severe leak somewhere and I don't know why?? Everything drains nicely in upstairs now , and I have main level ceiling drywall exposed to check for leaks and drywall in spots where it was soaking wet!! sorry for long post but two questions... 1. Why the leak? Where could it have come from? Plummer thinks pressure in pipes caused leaks at both upstairs toilets possibly.. 2. I took most of drywall that was soaking wet off ceiling.. when I inspect the drywall there are water stains in other spots but not wet to touch..is that ok to leave up? Will I have to worry about any mold growth in future on these water stained spots?
  7. About 3 or 4x's a year I alternate between Boeshield and Johnson's paste wax.. i do have the Lie Nielsen oil.. never tried that. I may try it next time.
  8. I am a big fan of the California Air compressors.. I bought the 10 gallon one. It's perfect for what do.. I don't bother anyone in the house or my neighbors when I am working in the garage. Check out this video.. this is the exact one I have.. yes this video is very accurate.
  9. Well earlier this week I ordered the replacement bearing. Thanks ChrisK for Hitachi diagram.. I was able to take apart the router pretty easily. The top bearing was fine; it was the bottom bearing that seized. I expect new bottom bearing to be shipped mid week. I let you know how it runs ( if I can remember how to put it back together!!)
  10. I have a Bosch oscillating tool and I love it but I can't stand how expensive the blades, scrapers, sanders, etc are!!! What brand blades/accessories do you use that are good and don't break the bank?. Thanks.
  11. Women get to treat themselves with a day at the spa..
  12. I have a 10 year old 3 1/4 hp Hitachi m12v router than has taken a crap in me. I changed the brushes on it about 2 years ago but recently I tried using it and it was having a slight burning smell. Also, it doesn't run or sound smoothly anymore. I did buy the newer M12ve router which I just got yesterday. I was wondering if the bearings are shot on the old router. I don't have any experience taking apart a router. Is this a project I can take on? Would it be difficult? Anyone ever change out bearings on a router before? Unfortunately there really isn't any instruction on the internet to change bearings on routers. thanks..
  13. Oh and don't forget Lee Valley Tools!!! I like lie Lie Nielsen as well but I seem to gravitate to Lee Valley. Great tools and a little cheaper than Lie Nielsen. Both companies have great customer service...
  14. Jay-J

    Wood Router

    If you plan on making raised panel doors, I would definitely invest in a 3 1/4 hp router. My suggestion is to buy either the Hitachi M12V2 (known as the ugly one) or the Hitachi M12VE (newest model). I actually just had my m12VE Hitachi router delivered today. They both go for around $200.00 or $210.00. I have the Router Raizer brand lift on mine made by Router Technologies. Works really well, great customer service over there, and very inexpensive for a router lift (less than $100.00??). This set-up is one of the cheapest ones I know, but very effective.. Tritons are good routers too. Their 3 hp model is in the $280.00 - $300.00 range. Good luck!!
  15. Hey everyone. I've been watching tools in action videos on YouTube and they crack me up. I was happy to find out there is a tools in action forum.. I do only woodworking, and right now I'm in between shops. I hope to have a new shop built next year, and I hope to be able to share the shop build with you guys. Oh I'm from the southwest side of Chicago...Go White Sox...!!!
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