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  1. Follow up. Long story, but I found one in Kansas City and they are shipping it directly to me. Shipping charge was only $13.00 so I figured it was worth it. The lady at the Special Orders Department at Lowes was very helpful in resolving this issue. I really still do not understand the issue other than some kind of supplier issue currently. She did say that Lowes will be ordering a little over 500 units but it may be a month before they hit the shelves.
  2. Just venting here a bit. I had started this post about which air compressor? I really appreciated everyone's opinion on this. So I finally decided on Lowes quiet tech air compressor and today I drove 78 miles to a Lowes store. Walked in to where it was displayed about 6 weeks ago and it was no longer there. So, I asked about if they had one in stock and the guy looked on the computer and I gave him the sku number from the Lowes website which I had up on my phone. He said, it says zero in stock and it is not on order for stocking anymore. He could not explain why. I am confused about this. Does anyone know anything about why Lowes will not be selling this compressor anymore? Is there something wrong with the Kobalt quiet compressor, a recall or something, just not selling in the Midwest for some reason for lack of sales, ect. If anyone knows why I would appreciate an answer as I was planning on purchasing this. If not, I plan on contacting Kobalt next week. Thanks.
  3. Wow. Very impressive. Would love to see the rest of your shop. Are there pictures else where in the forums?
  4. Thanks again everyone for your input. It is greatly appreciated. Still haven't made a decision yet, but will let ya know when I get one. Carver67
  5. Thanks for your input. I should have mentioned that I'd primarily be using it for trim work around house, filling a tire, woodworking (pin, brad nailing), blowing off sawdust but I'd still like it to be quiet and portable too. I understand I wouldn't really be able to use a air ratchet efficiently with it though. What about am aluminum tank versus steel, brand name, warranty, etc. Just, are you happy with what you have for your required needs is what I was after. Thanks again for your input and I am glad I have found this site. Carver67
  6. Hello, I am a new member here and have a question. I would like to purchase a portable air compressor. It will mainly be for "home use". I would prefer a "quiet" one on wheels or portable with wheels and not one to just lift from place to place. I've been doing some research on line but I found this forum and thought I'd ask. I do know that everyone may have a different opinion too. I do understand about the SCFM and other criteria for a compressor for the intended use. I am just looking for what you have and likes and or dislikes. Does anyone have the Lowes Quiet Tech compressor? Or maybe a Rolair or California Tools? Thanks for any input, Carver67
  7. Hello, My name is John (Carver67). I live in South Dakota. I am a cad draftsman. I am a hobby woodcarver and woodworker. I really enjoy all tools but am partial to tools that can shape wood!
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