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  1. Hi all! I love tools ! There is nothing like having the right tool for the right job. Thank God for technology in that respect but I appreciate the old school as well. As an apartment dweller now I have to imporvise in what I can do and how. Used to be handiman but am now sidelined. I how to be able to get back to it someday.I really miss it and the space and luxury of being able to do what I need to without worrying about neighors and noise. They say necessity is the mother of invention and I really like the DIY hacks to enjoyed. my favorite is woodworking but I like to repair all things.
  2. Hi All.....I have an old B&D reversable drill ( model 7127 ) and I'd like to repurpose the parts for a mini lathe. I can 't seem to get the chuck out. Got the screw out for can't figure out if its threaded, tapered or what. There seems to be no way to stop the chuck fron spinning so whacking it with a hammer doesn't seem to work. The tiny bit of spindle that come out the rear of the drill is not enough to really get a good grip on it. Any suggestions would be great.
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