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  1. You cited marketing wank mate. I don't know why you're so bothered. Spend your money where you want. I know what works for me and I'm happy with that. Well, did you read it yourself?
  2. Where do you have to be for 30 to be greater than 90? On the same point the anvil, spring and hammer in most impact wrenches aren't made from the same stuff impact sockets are yet they take the beating just fine. It would be the case that impact sockets can cost three/four times that of a cheap-o-nasty chrome socket. As for prove me wrong, I don't see how. I've shown a data sheet which suggests impact sockets are harder than S2/Chrome sockets. I use impact wrenches all day every day and use both chrome and impact rated sockets; both do a job and do it well with the DTW281. But back to the point I was originally trying to make before it got derailed, if you consider there to be a massive benefit to spending the/four times what you would on a normal bit or socket, spend it, it's your money. I personally haven't found that benefit after spending the money.
  3. On the two data sheets it plainly says the hardness scale rates impact sockets 3 times that of S2 steel. My experience most probably counts for nothing and I'm probably reading the data sheets wrong, eh. It's not like tool companies try to sell you tools or anything.
  4. You've completely removed the composite of the metal. Chrome Vanadium or S2 isn't brittle because it's harder, it's brittle because it's higher in carbon. I'll also add I use Chrome sockets on an impact wrench daily and have done for years. To break most chrome sockets the force needed over a long time far exceed the most conventional impact drivers and wrenches. Only higher rated wrenches such as those used by steel erectors would break them down quickly. Impact rated sockets will crack. I believe you follow my instagram, posted a photo of a cracked impact socket just last week. See attached image. On the left is 41xx Steel or as Referred chrome molybdenum. It's not softer than S2 steel at all. It's infact a lot harder. The make up of it is in fact different.
  5. Well I'm not sure what you mean by softer but if any of the impact sockets I own were to show any give or wear through being softer they'd be going straight back to the manufacturer. If sockets give at all they not fit for purpose. Example you set your torque wrench to 400nm but the socket 'flex' gives at 350nm(hypothetically), then the socket isn't any good. As with give in driver bits, again your losing torque so personally I'll stick to normal bits and break 3:1 at 1/3 the cost. On that basis there's no benefit to them. Lost energy from bits just renders high torque impact drivers pointless. At the same time some of these 'torsion' bits wouldn't move under 170nm and if they do the metal is garbage anyway and probably won't last.
  6. You can twist them yourself? So people are paying hundreds for the latest and greatest impact drivers then to go and buy bits and bit holders that actually encourage torque loss? Terrible idea and a waste of money. Rigidity and as few joints as possible make impact drivers economical.
  7. I'm still not sure that impact rated driver bits make all the difference anyway. I'm still using old dewalt bits from before the days of impact drivers and they very rarely shatter. I can understand it with society but again, bar a thin wall socket I've had split I've never had a chrome vanadium socket break on an impact wrench.
  8. Available here for £110. Definitely cheaper to buy an inverter. https://www.ffx.co.uk/tools/product/Milwaukee-M12-18Ac-4002395287208-12V-M12-In-Car-Charger?gclid=Cj0KEQjwxPbHBRCdxJLF3qen3dYBEiQAMRyxS2D7LypqeKVyhiIxE_EgzGW1LUhy_UER9Qnh7F2cy3waAlCa8P8HAQ
  9. Give it 5/10 years before they're more commonly used.
  10. Seems to be a very passionate drive for cross platform battery usage with lasers... If someone could offer suggestions to dewalt or if they are listening. A 20V Max battery holder that could utilise the UNC tripod mount on the bottom with a USB style cable to a second 12V Max battery body. Still able to use the magnetic mounts and would be able to use anyway with a tripod. Easy solution if they aren't just trying to make money from the 12V platform.
  11. If it's lighting up and making an attempt to run then I'd check the drive train. Make sure any barings in the housing haven't dislodges which might hinder the rotation of the armature or rotor. Make sure the stator is correctly seated. Remove the gearing after the motor and try and run it. If it runs then the issue is in the gear train.
  12. I will mention just for the sake of it, my red DW085 5spot does project further than either my DCE088G or DCE089G on a light day so I wonder if there's such a benefit to a green spot anyway.
  13. Could be wrong but I'm sure I saw Q4 mentioned.
  14. So perhaps this laser and those like it weren't really targeted at users like you to begin with?
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