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  1. Roasty

    New impact driver?

    Looks to be same size as the 887 with the torch of a 996. guessing no lighting options as that has to be the speed selector for rpms? i hope this is a fake
  2. It’s pumping out a lot of power In A small frame so it’s bound to happen.
  3. I know these will be coming sometime. But who knows when, new impact and drill driver. after comparing with a mates Milwaukee gen3. They crap all over the Dewalt
  4. Just picked up 2 12’s at total tools today. you can check their stock on the website and check each store to see who has them in. Can’t wait to test out runtime
  5. We do t have that deal here in aus. It’s more like 2 9.0 for around $400. 12ah is $249 so 2 for $500. So 6 extra ah for 100 is worth it IMO.
  6. I went into Sydney tools yesterday and picked up the blade left saw. I asked about 12.0 battery’s and they said they got a shipment I. Already but they are yet to be sent out to stores! So it shouldn’t be too much longer hopefully sometime next week
  7. Just ordered the flexvolt purely because I’m in the platform. Will see how it goes! we have a site Festool corded tracksaw so luckily I can use the longer tracks we have of them! Who knows might have to add another battery platform.
  8. Oh really! That’s average of them. the Makita does look good. But I think I’m going to pickup the dewalt and if it turns out I don’t like it after using for a few weeks I’ll take it back. Just heavily invested in dewalt so I want it too be good! But will see how it goes
  9. I’m down in Aus land. The tool shop I went to you got a free blade with the kit that was all. I’ll look into that battery deal though! Thanks
  10. Hey guys going to be buying a plunge saw soon and been looking at reviews and whatnot. It’s between the flexvolt tracksaw and festoll cordless. Festool is $1250 for kit and a rail. I can get the dewalt kit for $900 this weekend only. Went to a tool shop and played with them both and pretty disappointed with the dewalt. the plunge mechanism was super stiff and required a ton of force to even move it down?? Is it a thing that will wear with use and become easier or can it be lubed for smoother action? like to hear everyone’s opinions on them both thanks
  11. Does anyone know if dewalt have a new 20v mitre day in the works? Have the flexvolt but some days you don’t need to big boy and i feel the current 20v mitre is pretty average. Even considered buying into red for there 7 and a quarter but would rather stay in one platform
  12. Think I went with m8 bolts, and use a pilot bit to get your hole centre first.
  13. I bolted mine through the rubber feet. Wider stance and all that and bolts are straight through no angled business.
  14. Not sure what's next out, but I'd love a cordless trim router, lighter more powerful framing gun, bigger capacity flex batt but not bigger casing or heavier!
  15. I saw a vid on instagram with the Milwaukee sds plus vs dewalt flexvolt sds plus and the dewalt was considerably faster and cooler which could lead to longer tool life. Think it was Krugerconstructions vid.
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