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  1. That's been around for a while. Great idea... its like a Roomba, but with industrial power. The only downside is that you need to swap out the batteries. All the other systems (of which there are many) recharge themselves and need little attention apart from emptying the collection bin. As for whats next..Hard to tell... Anything that needs power... Car tools (jacks, compressors), boat tools, bicycle tools (washers, wrenches etc). The thing is that the battery system has become so good and so flexible that it can be used way beyond just tools... It could become the centre of a whole portable system... I'd like to see one of these with a Makita battery: http://www.chainreactioncycles.com/ae/en/mobi-v-15-portable-bike-pressure-washer/rp-prod34761
  2. 1. That's incorrect information 2. No, that's just not correct 3. Alternative facts
  3. Seems like a great deal... You won't go wrong with an 18v Makita. The brushed models have a 4-pole motor so they're very capable. If you are a regular user it'll do you fine... Heavy users benefit from brushless, but most won't notice the difference. I just picked up an 18v LXT Hammer Brushed Drill and it takes anything I can throw at it... Plus the 3ah batteries genuinely charge in 20 minutes.
  4. noodeel

    Makita App

    I see that Makita have an app in the Play Store that can set it's batteries to disable in case they are stolen... It's kind of interesting rather than really useful... But I can't find any reference to any of their products being NFC capable... Are all the batteries NFC? https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.makita.nfc.powertools
  5. From the original infomercials in the 1980's: http://www.gator-grip.eu
  6. Take out the back seats and install a cabinet to take Makpac stacking storage boxes...
  7. In Dubai we have a place called Dragon Mart... It's like an giant industrial Mall that sells lots of Chinese stuff. The place is developed by the Chinese, run by the Chinese and manned by the Chinese. You can literally buy an engine for a Volvo Lorry next to an outlet that sells outdoor fairy lights... They have everyting! They have shops branded that look just like DeWalt etc... with product that look identical, except for the name... There are walkie talkies that are very popular in the region for offroading in the desert, but they are on military bandwidths... so highly regulated. But they are freely available in DM, branded as Motorola et all. I was in a specialist shop that deals with cafe table pods and tops & when I asked them to assemble a table for me, they produced a genuine blue Bosch drill... I had to laugh... here I was in in a place where they had everything; copies of the best gear; fakes; cheap alternatives... yet when it comes to reliability they actually use the real thing. Anyway, that's my story for the day
  8. noodeel

    DHP 482...

    I think it's the equivalent of the XPH102 in USA...
  9. Thanks guys... Just bought a Makita backpack and got an 18v Driver Drill for free...
  10. noodeel

    DHP 482...

    Bought the drill based on all the advice I got... Working my way through all the jobs required. The drill is dealing with the concrete fairly well although it does require a bit of elbow grease. There were two batteries included and the set of bits worked out fairly handy already, they also threw in a back pack which is very robust and will be quite useful. It's a bit sad that i get so excited about power tools... Already wondering if there's any other 18v tools i need...
  11. Hi, I'm an Irishman living in the desert of the Middle East... I've got basic tool needs... mostly domestic & car related. Hope I can make a good contribution here...
  12. noodeel

    DHP 482...

    I bought a 10.8v Makita Driver last week and while its been great (& compact) for light work... It has since proven inadequate. I'm going to mount a bike rack to a concrete column & some tensile cables to hang curtains (don't judge me...) into concrete & the 10.8v is not up to the job. The sales guy informs me that a 12v with hammer action in the same size will be in tomorrow, but TBH, I'm better off with an 18v. Most of my needs are around assembling furniture and mounting stuff to walls, but I need one drill that can do everything... What's the consensus on the Makita DHP482? It's not brushless & I believe it only comes with one battery (3ah), but I'm an occasional user, so not putting it under much pressure. Don't focus on the price... The market is limited where I live, so we don't have much options. Also, I have to buy from Ace, because I need to return the last drill. It does come with a decent set of bits... I suppose the other option is DeWalt. https://www.aceuae.com/en/ace-uae/makita-dhp482-hammer-drill-driver--75-drill-bits-969480#pdp_box_img_1[pp_gal]/0/
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