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  1. Video post by r1jules It is looking good!!!
  2. Japanese video showcasing the new radio. Close up in action. Info (all in Japanese)
  3. Unfortunately, no. A small Flexvolt mitre saw with a rail forward design, shadow line and dual-bevel would be killer! It's my dream wish.
  4. The source from my first post did indicate that there is a new Flexvolt mitre saw in the works. That was around the time when the wall chaser for Flexvolt grinder and the atomic tools were being teased.
  5. From the ToughVan man himself on IG. It is time to rejoice.
  6. A strong competition is good for us, consumers. I hope Milwaukee gain a lot of users so Dewalt will get off their lazy butt and innovate.
  7. Looks neat but I guess it is not T-Stak compatible.
  8. I played around with the 305mm 36v mitre saw that was fitted with a thin Efficut blade at Makita's Roadshow. Pink SG8 290mm x 45mm was the cutting sample. It handled a combined mitre & bevel cut smoothly without bogging down. No deflection and straight cut. I was really impressed. However, you have to remember it was a nice dry timber. Weight wise, both models are heavy as. The new 305mm model comes with sturdier support bars.
  9. As ToolBane suggested, use another saw blade. I don't know where you shop but you have a lot of options at Mitre10, Bunnings or Placemakers for both 260 & 305mm "full" kerf blades.
  10. He's from New Zealand as his name "Kiwi" indicate.
  11. Source: toolsbydesign Model: XSH06Z
  12. Some pics and product info on IG, toolsbydesign.
  13. A short youtube video of it.
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