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  1. I've got that Beast sds plus! Things I don't like; you can't turn the hammer action off, you have to swap over to the supplied standard chuck which is supposed to shutoff the hammer action, but it doesn't seem to turn it off, you can still feel it hammering inside. And that's about it for negatives. Otherwise, this beast is epic! Only had a few goes with it, but certainly seems to pack a punch! She's a thirsty one too! I was chasing a channel into a 3" screed, she chomped through a 12.0 in fairly short order. However, I don't care because I've now bought the big 16 Amp charger!
  2. Tug

    Starlock; adaptors?

    Mine has arrived, pics to follow.
  3. Tug

    Starlock; adaptors?

    This is the only one I've found, are there any others? https://www.oslotoolcompany.no/products/starlock-adapter?_pos=2&_sid=cfbce0d12&_ss=r
  4. I'd be surprised if you didn't get them, such a huge market makes it easier to quickly recoup any R&D costs.
  5. Several new releases coming, this one looks epic! 5.8 Joules from an sds plus! https://www.bosch-professional.com/gb/en/products/gbh-18v-34-cf-0611914001
  6. Hi guys, Long time, no speak. Just had my first flexvolt fail, a blacktop 2/6. Same symptoms as mentioned, solid red light, but not taking a charge. It's less than three years old. I've emailed Dewalt here in the UK, will let you know what they say.
  7. It was user error, I pushed it too hard. In first gear it generates huge amounts of torque, enough to snap its own neck. I've also got two cordless rotary hammer drills waiting for repairs.
  8. Err........ I'm gonna have to come clean and take this one squarely on the chin! I was using it with a dry diamond core cutter, approx 50mm diameter. She snagged and the top section just kinda rolled off. Took a fair while for that to happen, I've cored with it quite a few times. Lesson learnt though. New clamshell ordered, she'll be right as rain soon enough.
  9. Didn't buy it today, but definitely wrecked it today!
  10. They arrived a couple of days later. A DCF885 and a DCH253, I'm much preferring brushed for certain machines!
  11. Ordered a new pair of yellow drills, delivered yesterday................... just not to my address! DPD, you suck! Now the long wait.
  12. 19 joules is big in corded, in cordless it's monumental! Dewalt, give me one to try! Please! I'll make a proper vid of it!
  13. It looks like Bosch are following Milwaukee and going 18 Volts for everything? I hope they don't, their 36 Volt drills are some of the best out there! Never underestimate the power and smooth operation of a good quality brushed motor! Less electronics to go wrong too!
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