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  1. My dad had the same problem he changed his three time in a yr or so and then just threw it on the shelf we haven't messed with it since.. mine has been working great for a couple years now but it doesn't get constant use in my shop like his did on our job site
  2. The DeWalt was nice but I liked the Hitachi better honestly it was better all the way around and was cheaper. The DeWalt was soo damn loud I never wanted to start it up, it did cut nice though. The Hitachi has a nice soft start motor cuts 36 inches runs nice and smooth and has a brake on it u should compare them at Lowes. I took them both back and got a hybrid saw because it was closer to what I was wanting in my shop but I did like them both. that new skilsaw spt99 with the zero gravity stand looks pretty damn awesome and it has the the same fence style as the DeWalt and Hitachi but with the worm drive that could be a great option.
  3. Wow that is crazy! that is only about 45 mins south of my house. I always try to be safe but cringe while watching my coworker be a idiot most the time I can't even watch.. he didn't listen to me when I told him to watch out for kickback but this proves that it happens more then most ever think. He literally laughed and said ya right I'm stronger then that saw I just shook my head
  4. Got this on trade today from my cousin just have to order him 2 large Makita bags
  5. I want one for sure would be awesome when doing laminate countertops. That damn cord is always getting in the way it would be great to just pick up the tool and go to work. A cordless router is another tool that would be great to have for same reason
  6. That looks awesome man.. it looks like the new saw is cutting very good how you liking it?
  7. That bench looks awesome man... Looks sturdy as hell to nice job
  8. Just some more pics of the outfeed table it's on hinges so when I need to cut longer pieces I can turn the saw and lower the outfeed and use the bench as outfeed. Then I made a box for dust collection on my router table and also a picture of how I store the fence away when not in use
  9. I will post pics for sure I have been trying to remember to take pictures of the shop projects but always forget until later lol. I will keep updating my shop post on here as I remember lol. My router table went on the right side of mine right were you put the box on yours but I like the idea so much I decided to make it work on the left side
  10. O ya I'm stealing your idea on the table saw side flip top box thing you made.. it is a really good idea.. but I'm putting it on the left side of mine in place if the crappy steel wing
  11. Ok Got ya.. I added mine because I was tired of moving stuff off the table to cut little anything over two foot lol.. That will be cool to see hope you get to finish it up. That's a good use of it for sure and the Sanders look pretty sweet..
  12. saw looks good man. Need a outfeed table now huh.. do you plan on getting ur bench done soon? Looking forward to seeing that beast finished.. o and what is on the other side of your flip top tool stand I just couldn't figure it out LOL
  13. And I also made a drill hanging charging station
  14. Well I have been working on getting the shop more workable and ready for more tools so I moved everything around.. I added a new outfeed table on saw and attached router table on the saw, and using the base of the router table as a planer station for now. Soo here it is
  15. Lol I did notice they are double sided thank you though. I'm moving things around in the shop and haven't even got a chance to see it produce sawdust hopefully tomorrow.. making a permanent home for it now
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