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  1. I have an older metabo 5 inch grinder. I have used these when I was working as a bricklayer, these things are virtually bullet proof. But as usual when I get one it seems to not hold up. It was working one day and simply not the next. No indication of anything wrong, just won't function. No hum from the motor no noise heard last time the thing was working. Plug it in, turn it on nothing, not even the slightest bit of sound. Found it may be worth changing the brushes, or cleaning the ones I have. Found no need for cleaning they are clean as a whistle. They do look to be worn short but I have no way of knowing this to be true. That is why I have come to this site. I want to order brushes to see if that will fix the issue. But, where the serial number was, it has been scraped away. Seems to have been no more than a heavy duty decal. Now I can't order brushes with out them asking me the serial number. They are weird, weird to me any way. The copper wire does not attach to the end of brush like most others I have seen but come in and attach to it center point. And only one has a spring loaded something or other that presses to the armature the other does not. Is there a way a can get brushes with out knowing the serial number? Is the serial number maybe found somewhere else on the grinder. Please don't ask me to check the box, I have nothing like that grinder is to old to have kept the box around. Thanks as always in advance for any help or suggestions as to where to get help
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