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  1. The only one reason I can imagine is that DUR369 motor is considerably heavier and bigger than DUR368 one (1kW output vs. 0.55kW). String trimmer with such a motor mounted at the bottom would be not balanced well i think.
  2. 9700 RPM is speed of DUX60 motor itself. Attachments have gears inside to lower this speed. For example, EM404MP trimmer attachment has 13:21 gear ratio. 9700*(13/21)=6000 RPM
  3. Interesting tool coming... Using 6mm, 9mm and 13mm sanding belts (with replaceable arm), adjustable RPM, adjustable arm angle, LED light.
  4. Wau, a very nice find, thank you! Finally Makita lightning products that interest me. Could have higher lumen output but I like both of them very much.
  5. I understand you, have same thinking. I have die grinder, plate joiner and nibbler with old brushed body. I would not buy this new cut out tool, but definitely I will buy die grinder a and plate joiner with new BL technology. Perhaps Makita will not let us waiting too long (as with OMT tool 😃).
  6. New cut out tool spotted, slim body, BL motor, AWS, dual LED light. Hope there will be BL die grinder with this body... https://makita.com.tw/product/dco181/
  7. Have you seen this? Interesting... Powered by 18V LXT batts, or 12-24v car power, or by mains adapter. Cooling down to -18℃ or heating up to 60℃.
  8. Browsing net i found this new stapler for 4mm staples. Has anybode info if/when it will be available in Europe? https://www.makita.co.jp/product/li_ion/st421d/st421d.html
  9. I really like cordless Makita tools, I have 25 or 30 of them, but Makita is annoying me with two things: 1) reluctance to make bigger 18V batteries 2) inability to introduce new BL OMT I believe both two problems will be solved in near future. 😃 And OMT will be, based on the long working on it, by far the best OMT on the world 😁
  10. Another patent again. Weird looking locking mechanism...
  11. I found some pictures on net. Parameters: 64Vmax 5.0 Ah 290Wh
  12. IMHO, looking at connection strips 20/22, it's 16s2p configuration. 57.6V or 64Vmax.
  13. After four days I noticed that there is 18V version of inflator in 2020 catalogue - DMP180. Very nice.
  14. Definitely i like it, perhaps it is going to be produced. But i would be curious about runtime. Makita, we need 9Ah batteries!
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