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  1. Here is nice example of OPE application of this backpack, lawn mower MLM001CZ. This mower isn't using battery packs at all, but backpack clamped on top.
  2. At least two XGT X2 tools are ready for market, 20J rotary hammer (HR006G) and demolition hammer (HM002G).
  3. http://makita.com.vn/static/uploads/product/pdf/1609381590_ga037g_ga038g-eng.pdf
  4. What i have found some info on net, BL4050F battery will be probably 20 mm longer and 19 mm taller than BL4040. Maybe 20cell 18650 design?
  5. With these bigger grinders is XGT line becoming interesting for me. What surprises me little is that 230mm grinders have one battery only. I was expecting two battery setup. In manual there is a new BL4050F battery recommended for it. Has anyone info on this battery? Bigger 5Ah capacity is obvious, but maybe bigger cells for higher power output? What does "F" stand for? 150mm 6" - GA033G/GA034G/GA035G/GA036G 180mm 7" - GA037G (with AWS) 230mm 9" - GA038G (probably with AWS)
  6. The only one reason I can imagine is that DUR369 motor is considerably heavier and bigger than DUR368 one (1kW output vs. 0.55kW). String trimmer with such a motor mounted at the bottom would be not balanced well i think.
  7. 9700 RPM is speed of DUX60 motor itself. Attachments have gears inside to lower this speed. For example, EM404MP trimmer attachment has 13:21 gear ratio. 9700*(13/21)=6000 RPM
  8. Interesting tool coming... Using 6mm, 9mm and 13mm sanding belts (with replaceable arm), adjustable RPM, adjustable arm angle, LED light.
  9. Wau, a very nice find, thank you! Finally Makita lightning products that interest me. Could have higher lumen output but I like both of them very much.
  10. I understand you, have same thinking. I have die grinder, plate joiner and nibbler with old brushed body. I would not buy this new cut out tool, but definitely I will buy die grinder a and plate joiner with new BL technology. Perhaps Makita will not let us waiting too long (as with OMT tool 😃).
  11. New cut out tool spotted, slim body, BL motor, AWS, dual LED light. Hope there will be BL die grinder with this body... https://makita.com.tw/product/dco181/
  12. Have you seen this? Interesting... Powered by 18V LXT batts, or 12-24v car power, or by mains adapter. Cooling down to -18℃ or heating up to 60℃.
  13. Browsing net i found this new stapler for 4mm staples. Has anybode info if/when it will be available in Europe? https://www.makita.co.jp/product/li_ion/st421d/st421d.html
  14. I really like cordless Makita tools, I have 25 or 30 of them, but Makita is annoying me with two things: 1) reluctance to make bigger 18V batteries 2) inability to introduce new BL OMT I believe both two problems will be solved in near future. 😃 And OMT will be, based on the long working on it, by far the best OMT on the world 😁
  15. Another patent again. Weird looking locking mechanism...
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