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  1. What is the milwaukee storage like?
  2. Milwaukee are an interesting company. They do appeal to me for their large range of products. I like the fact the battery charger can charge a m12 and a m18 battery.
  3. Lol we gone way off topic. @BMack37what's your most go to tool?
  4. Well I thought I'd ask what everyones favourite drilling bits and screwdriving bits are. Right now I am looking at buying the bosch X line 100 piece set as it looks like good value for home diy and projects. What does everyone else use?
  5. @DR99 If I could get the Ryobi brushless at the price it is in the states I probably would but it's just crazy expensive here for something that's aimed at diy and home improvement.
  6. @BMack37 Was a 40inch tv. I was told by everyone to scrap it but just didn't have the money to buy a new one at the time.
  7. @Eric - TIA I know you guys are busy but I just wanted to let you know that if you ever need to ship to Ireland this option is the best. Like I said before I would love to get some gear and stickers and I have no problem paying the shipping for TIA gear totally worth it.
  8. I have a Toshiba tv that the backlight went on so I had to have one of the led strips replaced. Didn't realise it cost so much. 150 for the strip to be replaced. I have a Samsung tv about 2 years older that has lasted longer than I would ever have expected. Hence why I went with Samsung again.
  9. Oh no, I just bought a Samsung curved tv recently. Touch wood it won't have this happen to it.
  10. For diy and other less heavy duty work would the milwaukee be up to it? I mean that fuel is heavy duty work. For a good drill for home use would the non fuel version be a better choice?
  11. @FrosBros82 Is there much of a jump in performance from the brushless m18 milwaukee to the fuel version?
  12. I know you guys at Tools in Action like a good light system so I wanted to show you guys a company I have bought from and used their lights on a regular basis. The company name is Unilite. They are based out of England and build quality products. Today I am going to talk about the Prosafe PS-IL6R. A lot of this is copy and paste from their own site but they say it better afterall. The PS-IL6R is a powerful rechargeable inspection light that has a multitude of features. Its Samsung SMD LEDs provide 600 lumen of power that is perfectly optimized for close inspection wo
  13. Here is the two options I am currently thinking ---> https://www.milwaukeepowertools.co.uk/milwaukee-m18blpd-401c and http://www.ebay.ie/itm/Bosch-18v-GSB18V-EC-Brushless-Combi-Hammer-Drill-GSB18VEC-Metal-Chuck-1-x4-0ah/311873399851?ssPageName=STRK%3AMEBIDX%3AIT&_trksid=p2060353.m1438.l2649.. Let me know what ya think. The Milwaukee is a small bit more but if it's worth it then I don't mind.
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