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  1. This a comparison of the current GDX vs the new GDX 200c credit whitebear_8103
  2. hey mate, it sounds the sounds of it the trigger might be playing up, i had the same issue with one my 18v gdx. I had a chat with the guy who repaired it at the shop and he said its quite common with brushless tools across all brands. hey explained it like the trigger in brushless impactors and drills act sort of like a fuse because the motors are pretty bulletproof.
  3. D.Roche

    Bosch in Australia

    I’ve been looking for the 12v line as well mate and I think amazon seems like the best option, but sure what the go with warranty would be
  4. I wouldn’t be surprised if we see 12ah battery’s a18v trimmer and circular saw in the next 6months
  5. thanks Framer joe it sounds pretty good. Im in Australia so we probably wont get it here it late this year.
  6. Hey guys does anyone know when Dewalt will be releasing the DCN650 15 Gauge finish nailer in AUSTRALIA and has anyone used one. id really like to get my hands one as i already have the DCN660 which is awesome but would love the 650 so i can use my Airgun nails. cheers
  7. ohh that little router looks sweet, although i hope they release an 18v version. let us know how they go next week kornomaniac
  8. i Will give Milwaukee this they're very powerful but they're very heavy and awkward, they need to head back to the drawing board and make them more ergonomic.
  9. Hey FrosBros I'm new to to the group but I'm Fitout/finish Carpenter in Brisbane, Australia. Anyway 2 of the guys at work have the Milwaukee Guns and are starting to to have problems with them. One is nearly a month old and only works intermittently. The other has been replaced with a new one andhas stop work and he's only had it back a week. I've got the Dewalt 16ga and it's awesome, never a problem but I will definitely get the 15ga when it comes out in Aus. Hope this helps mate.
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