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  1. Thanks, it is a very good sander been using it to smooth out some rough walls, working very nicely apart from them Alan keys.
  2. Hello, I just bought a new mirka deros 5650cv sander and I tried to get the Alan keys out to change the vibration but they are super tight and one is starting to round off, I am doing it the right way. Any tips to get these out? Thanks.
  3. Which one, the extractor or vacuum?
  4. I am a real person. Thanks for the replies. It says on the dewalt website you can connect it to the tools with flexlock, and this is about £100 cheaper than their L class dust extractor. Because the vacuum and the extractor are both L class I thought the vacuum would be OK on the sander. Would I be better spending the extra money and get the L class dust extractor? Would the extractor get rid of a lot more dust than the Vacuum? Probably a silly question but will save me time and money, dust goes everywhere when using them sanders.
  5. Hello, I was just wondering how much dust the dewalt vacuum would collect if I connected it to the dewalt 1/4 sheet palm sander to sand down filler and glossed door frames and skirtings. Thanks.
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