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  1. It will be difficult to beat Bosch in that tool. Have you had look at Bosch 12v multi head drill? And the Bosch batteries are better too! I am a Makita fan for 18v and corded but All Bosch for 12v as their platform is quite large + lasers and other scanners, inspect cameras, etc all on the same 12v battery so quite a good for me. And the 12v Bosch range has been upgraded to all brushless. Have a look.
  2. I agree with you. I would prefers the new tools tech every Year and I change them like the iPhones every Year BUT in reality with the all tools maker releasing new tools twice a Year the second hand marked is dead now. Ones you get whatever you get is forever your in its lifetime and many brands (mine Makaita, Bosch) are building their tools to withstand a lot of wear and tear so me and many like me are stuck and will be using their sets no matter what the new offer although the new tech is always offer better outcome and feel. Ones my entire set been stolen from the van so I had chance (not by choice) to get on the Brushless wagon but that is it. No more.
  3. Because if you have already a tool that do the job there is no point to change for other which will do just the same. A tool is life time (of the tool) investment. There is just so much you could charge your clients that is not enough to cover changing your tools in decades instead of Yearly turn. The pay for services does not go up every Year or two as the new series of tools so we have to do as much as we could we what we got and change only if absolutely necessary.
  4. Wonder What kind of gas products they still have and why not March 2021. Makita got lost especially changing again with the new 40v platform instead of upgrade their batteries and x2 existing platform. They lost 10.8v market to Bosch and Milwaukee due to change to battery and tools sliding form factor platform instead of building up upon old barrel form factor platform and did not learn the lesson.
  5. Are we going to see anytime soon a compact Bosch DAB+ site radio (ideally 20v max) +mains and to act as charger as well? I am Makita fan and got Makita batteries but do not like the Big and Bulky Makita radios. I would rather have 20v max compact version from Bosch. Unfortunately do not have any Festool batteries in order to get their DAB+ radios as the size is just compact enough. Do not get the idea behind all manufacturers to produce that much bulky and big radios across the board. What is the logic behind. You can not bump the volume up on site anyway (UK) even if you want. I want something to quote easy fit into a standard size (Makita) open tote tool bag.
  6. Does anyone have any info on if any 18v / 40v battery ONLY First fix framing gun coming out? I am in need of First fix framing gun and looking at Paslode IM360ci but if any Makita NEW Gasless Framing Gun coming soon for certain could wait a bit more. Last Year I have across somewhere on the web of an article about and a drawing patent of such an Framing Nailer and that same article claimed it has been around a Year sice those drawing patent been submitted (did not say in which country) but nothing else in the web so far although I have tried to Google it nothings comes up. So, do you guys, from the shops and distributions level know something for certain about that? CERTAIN of something in works and not just heard here and there? Thank you all, who res[ponds here, in advance! Or Paslode Im360ci for Black Friday sales would be.
  7. I like Dewalt approach on the batteries and tools where you could use 18v tools with HD Flexi Vault batteries. I wanted MAKITA to make this the same with the new 40v batteries but with chip inside the batteries themselves to make the switch so they are compatible with the old LXT range. I got nearly all Makita 18v tools (one of each of cource :)) and most likely will not replace them ever due to my work condition which never changes( residential repairs and maintenance) but I need to replace the batteries from time to time. Still hope after so many Years waiting Makita will releases 18v HD Batteries.
  8. Would have been nice if Makita released the same size of 40V batteries as high Ah on 18v platform and there is no excuse now for them to do it now as I have been asking since 2017 (see my opening post about 21700). Do not see the use of 40V impact driver and combi driver. as for the rest the 18v tools will be much better use with a HD Batteries if Makita ever release some but I no longer hold my breath about. In my personal circumstances I am OK with 3-5Ah changing few of them throughout the day. I would get some 21700 or other high powered batteries if released and beneficiary for the current 18v TXT range but will not change any of my 18v tools just for the sake of 40v .
  9. In just couple of Years time, Makitas current 18v platform will become the Light Duty one, while XGT would be the Heavy Duty. Therefore no need for Makita to develop and release any new 18v HD batteries (although I would welcome 18v HD compact 3-6-8 Ah for the current LTX line at any time ) as the current LTX battery range are quite capable for the current range of tools. So it make sense if you want more than go XGT. If you see the other brands alternatives, Dewalt 60v, Hikoky Dual power, and batteries over 8 Ah these do not work in real life to an extend that it is worth using it. You either would end with one or the other. It is just too expensive and inconvenient to have such an mix and match. I am on 18v LTX for many Years now (Maintenance and Refurb business) and for the extra power when need I got my corded (mains) set and the colleagues around me on site are the same. Unless you work in a remote area without any power source all time , it might be the case you would need XGT tools, but really you can not relay on batteries only if you have to do a work day in and day out on regularly. It is inconvenient and expensive way, no employer or customer wish to pay that price. It is only the short time need, one off project, etc. You are right that XGT will dampen the development of HPerformance 18v LTX tools BUT how much more performance, above the current 18v LTX Heavy Duty tools, do you looking for?
  10. As the first fix nailer uses Makita AND Paslode gas and nails I would presume the second fix nailer do the same.
  11. I am not sure it would charge both platforms simultaneously.
  12. "G" series Batteries and tools NOT interchangeable with LTX. G series battery only works with G series tools and vice versa and I am not sure if any G series impact wrench available. G series tools are Makita`s DIY series.
  13. Ned

    Old 18V compatibility

    This is "G" series. Makita DIYs range. Batteries not interchangeable. This batery and charger ONLY compatible with "G" series tools
  14. Every single battery tool apart from the impact drivers need high output batteries. What job do you do so that you ask that question? Only DIY ? Of coarse you do not need high output batteries for DIY and light duty jobs. But as a PRO I and many othe need them, and need them badly for many Years now. It you do not need them, fine. But please, do not patronize people who ask for ones.
  15. Any link to any specs and what this 88v platform is and how Makita come to that platform?
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