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  1. I’m surprised by how many guys use longevity as the only criteria for quality. “My Ryobi is 8 years old and still turns when I pull the trigger, so it’s just as good as XYZ.” To me, power, speed, ergonomics, compactness, weight, comfort, etc, all matter nearly as much as longevity. I started buying the flagship Bosch 18v and corded tools several years ago when I got tired of replacing things that shouldn’t be disposable. I was happy with them but started looking for a new platform when I was outfitting one of my enclosed trailers as I only wanted to carry one type of b
  2. We have two Home Depot’s and two Lowe’s here, one of each on the west side about half a mile apart and one of each on the east side about two miles apart. The east side of town is much busier and the Lowe’s there is terrible. I drive past it close to 5 days a week to get to Home Depot, where I spend roughly $1,000 a week. It it seems like Home Depot gets to pick all of the better products to carry (Diablo blades, Spax screws, Custom thinset and grout, not to mention the other inventory and employees.) I can walk into Lowe’s to grab a box of #10 x 1” pan head sheet meta
  3. The Prop 65 stuff is ridiculous. I recently bought a fishing tackle bag that had the warning on it and wondered WTF? Their logic is that most people will put some sort of lead weights in the bag, and we know that lead exposure can cause cancer. How stupid is that? That’s like an extension cord having a carbon monoxide warning because you might plug it into a generator inside your garage. California is basically the textbook example of the boy who cried wolf.
  4. The totes are great for storing job specific hardware and small items that you want to keep track of rather than getting pat in a pile of Home Depot bags. They are also nice for cleaning up at the end of the day when you’re running behind and don’t want to put everything away where it goes, but not scatter it everywhere either. Just stay on top of cleaning them out every so often so they don’t turn into permanent junk drawers. Nice job job with the tough system boxes. That type of organization is really nice for keeping accessories with tools, and less commonly used tools. For stu
  5. I carry 24” in 48” Empire levels in my trailer as they get beat up riding around, used as straightedges, etc. I have 24” and 48” lighted Stabilas along with the 32”/78” jamber set that life at my shop but come out when something needs to be level. The Stabilas have pissed a few customers off when they found out their houses/floors weren’t level (not my work). I will argue on behalf on my $100+ German levels or offer to check it with my laser.
  6. I use the regular Diablo 40t on mine, there are no issues with the hook angle on 18v/20v miter saws. On larger corded saws they can pull the head towards you, but it doesn’t happen with the battery powered ones, they just aren’t powerful enough.
  7. I don’t know what you’d call it, but it appears to be a set of shears, I’m assuming hydraulically powered, similar to the jaws of life tools. If you only have a few tires to cut, an angle grinder with a metal cutting wheel does ok, but it smokes.
  8. There might be 3 hp routers that are the same size and weight as the 2 1/4 hp units, but a lot of them are too big and heavy for precise hand held routing IMO. If you get one of those to use in a router table, I’d pick up a palm router for smaller tasks. My Bosch MRC23 doesn’t have any problems running cope and stick bits to build cabinet doors, or an 1 3/4” surfacing bit in oak. If you plan to run the very large raised panel bits in one pass, I’d step up to a bigger machine though. These are big bits, almost 2” diameter and they hog out a lot of material.
  9. The older ones did have a screw in there, my 791 and 996 I purchased in 2018 do not. Display models on store shelves do. The 996 is made in the USA, the 791 is made in Mexico. I haven’t had to take the chucks off yet, but I’m hoping the chuck retaining screw was just replaced with loctite or some other sealant, rather than dimpling/peening the drill arbor to hold the chuck on. That would effectively make the tool disposable for a bad chuck, but might explain the wobble with quality chucks. It would seem Dewalt should have issued a service bulletin to their repair centers with the
  10. I run the 6 ah Flexvolts in the 20v miter saw and 20v 7 1/4 circular saw. They make a noticeable difference in power and run time over the 5 ah’s, I typically get multiple days with it with a lot of cutting like running wainscoting. I think the 9 ah was primarily developed to give the 577 worm drive style saw better run time. Keep in mind when run in the Flexvolt tools they are only 2 ah and 3 ah batteries.
  11. Commercial shop. The majority of the time I imagine I’d leave the jointer in it, which is also the longest machine. The infeed and outfeed tables would be permanently mounted to the wall, so they wouldn’t need to be supported by the machines, but would leave various sized gaps. I don’t think the gaps would be a big deal though, as long as the machine is pushed up against the outfeed table so it’s not moving around. Things I’m imagining might be an issue are 16’ of friction, which could probably be prevented using something slick like hardboard, and whether an extended
  12. Thanks, I’ve seen that before. I’m actually talking about building permanently mounted 16’ infeed and outfeed tables with a gap in the middle for the various tools to mount in though.
  13. Hopefully I can explain this clearly enough to make sense. My current shop is 25’x25’and not large enough to work with 16’ material inside it. I have a miter saw station and assembly table inside, but typically work on the slab outside with mobile support stands when I need to rip or plane full length stock. If all works out well, hopefully I will have a 25’x50’ shop soon and have enough room to do it inside. I’d like to build a permanent work station along one wall that would allow my jointer, planer, band saw, router table, and table saw to be rolled into it to deal with 16’ mat
  14. Curious about the same. It needs to have wheels and casters and a handle to serve as the base. Really hope they come out with this, they’ve been knocking out everything else on my wish list lately! https://www.homedepot.com/p/RIDGID-16-Gal-6-5-Peak-HP-Wet-Dry-Vacuum-WD1851/100638360
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