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  1. I live in an area where corrosion is quite a bit problem on bolts etc on vehicles. I recently got an impact wrench and wondering what situations you would definitely NOT use it. I don't want to snap off bolts! 😣 For example would you ever use it with a bolt extractor? Any hints and tips hugely appreciated Thanks.
  2. I notice you can get thin walled, standard and thick walled impact sockets. Obviously there are advantages on thin walled sockets for certain applications. My question is do the thin walled type lower torque significantly? Any comments appreciated Thanks.
  3. I have a dcf899 impact wrench and overall am happy with it but find there are times I could do with a bit more power as it will not remove some bolts like air wrench. I currently use 5ah batteries and wondered if using a 6ah or 9ah flexvolt battery would increase the torque for me. Any comments appreciated. Thanks.
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