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  1. I have 10+ 12v batteries and some are harder than others. Some slide out others you have to “grip and rip”. Something I think Milwaukee maybe needs to be aware of.
  2. RT29

    Hi all

    Welcome to the forum!
  3. Just a coincidence, lol, I'm in the west suburbs, but not northern.
  4. Keen waterproof shoes, boots. Take it from a mailman. 😀
  5. $29.98? That's not real. Amazon has the same set at $109.90. That said Husky is great quality for the price.
  6. Yes it is a automotive drum brake spring tool.
  7. Next time I use it I will put on a flexvolt. I used it with a 5.0 Ah. And I did adjust the squareness. Only the fence needed a very slight move, the blade was fine.
  8. I went with the 7-1/4" DeWalt. The portability and the fact I have the battery platform was the deciding factors. Saves space and makes all the cuts (slider) that my 10" did.
  9. Picked up DeWalt 7-1/4" miter saw. Sweet little addition.
  10. After going to HD and seeing the 7-1/4” DeWalt it did look smaller than imagined. The 10” Flexvolt is going for around 600+ from the UK, so that is out the question. I did email DeWalt and they said there are no plans to release a 10” slider again. The Dw717 was it and maybe there are some still available which I found one that was 700, and coming from Europe. I did like the Ridgid 4210 10” slider. II’ll research some reviews on that. The Ryobi looked cheap, and I’ll check out Lowe’s Metabo too. The 12” will probably not fit the footprint left behind where the Craftsman was on my workbench. The slider sounds like a better option so I’m not limiting my cut possibilities and stick with the 10” model.
  11. I'm about to replace my Craftsman 10" miter saw which finally quit. I'm debating the DeWalt 10" compound, or the 20v slider 7-1/4". DeWalt discontinued the 10" slider so that's not an option any longer. Since I have Dewalt / Milwaukee batteries already I'm considering the 20v slider for lightweight / portability. It will not travel, but I'm limited on garage space. I' a DIYer who mainly cut 2x4s, 2x6s, and smaller , with a rare 4x4 every so often. So a nice 10" corded miter of any brand could suit my needs. If any of you have either of these two? Please chime in your pros / cons.
  12. Yeah, This was $499 when HD had it in stock. And when you search available vendors on Amazon it's only that one. Just wanted a 10" for portability, but not at $700.
  13. That one on Amazon is unavailable.
  14. Each brand has its own strong points and drawbacks. I own both. Picking which is better boils down to your personal preferences, practices, and needs. Relax dude, it's the Ford / Chevy debate
  15. I couldn't find or order the DeWalt DW717 10" sliding miter saw at Home Depot. They said it was discontinued. Looking to replace my old Craftsman which quit. On DeWalt's website it still shows up but unavailable from all vendors. Any of you guys know if they now only will carry 7-1/2, and 12"s only?
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