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  1. Alright looks not too bad :-) Will check out Milwaukee tools
  2. Hey guys, I'm looking for a new angle grinder. Should be used to grind metals and clean weld seams. Really like the Bosch cordless grinders but don't have experience with battery powered angle grinders. See here: https://www.boschtools.com/us/en/boschtools-ocs/cordless-angle-grinders-35699-c/ Does anyone have experience with the Bosch Tools or any other suggestions? Marcus
  3. Sound like a good idea to a problem I regularly have. Will try this
  4. Salesman lingerie (registered exactly for this kind of thread )
  5. Hello everybody! Although I've already been reading here some time, I'm now officially registered here. I'm looking forward for interesting topics to read and good discussions with you guys. Peace, Marcus
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