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  1. You are certain to find an opinion for whatever you ask, but I have found that doing my own research, touching and testing the tools when and where available is the best path. So much about a tool is personal, the grip, weight and balance, even trigger response and features (some you might use all the time others you might never need) all play into my decision. One thing is for sure though, every major "Pro" brand has great tools so you really can't go wrong no matter what choice you make. I chose Milwaukee and couldn't be happier, but I also purchased plumbing tools, and some other cordless tools not available by other MFRs. Good luck in your endeavor to find out what works best for you!
  2. Really going to depend on how and where you intend to use it. If it will be in a stationary shop go corded and 10 inch. If you plan on being mobile then cordless is probably a good option, although they still make extension cords! Happy choosing!
  3. Sounds like a good option, look forward to seeing it in person!
  4. Well, well, well...DeWalt just shipped a new Jobsite Table saw and I was wondering what you all think of it? I am providing a link to an article that talks about it, but was curious to hear if this was the feature set and size customers were looking for. Seems like 8-1/4" is becoming more popular, but is it really preferred over the 10" blade? https://toolguyd.com/dewalt-jobsite-table-saw-dwe7485-022020/ Couple things stand out to me on this new model...I like the steel miter gauge, seems like many of the competitors are shipping these sized models with cheap plastic ones, so that seems like an upgrade. The table seems a bit unusual in that they have four extensions in each corner but the top of them are tapered, rather than tapering the bottom so the top would remain level. As it is a table saw more area of usable table would seem like the best plan, the decision to taper the top of them just seems unusual to me what say you all. From the picture it appears the vacuum attachment is on the blade guard, I wonder if there is a second one underneath? It has what looks to be a new style On/Off switch as well.
  5. Of course you failed to mention that without permission DeWalt wouldn't have cordless tools since they have to pay royalties to Milwaukee for the privilege! Look it up! I'm sure glad I don't go through life angry and antagonistic it's no way to live, Enjoy!
  6. I couldn't agree more, I come here to discuss tools and on occasion offer information and advice not be petty and spiteful to others, that bothers me. What also bothers me is those that project their personal opinions as fact, it's just irresponsible. I could tell them I run oversight on a 800 person engineering department, built houses and countless big projects all under to DIY tag simply because I choose to earn my living in Engineering rather than in the trades but it wouldn't matter so I don't.
  7. Your right I am a DIY guy, but I'm not wrong, and I do speak to people that know. Perhaps you should keep your personal opinions and complete lack of knowledge about me to yourself and stick to the facts which you seem to not be fully aware of.
  8. Yet ProTools rates the Milwaukee better...https://www.protoolreviews.com/tools/power/cordless/saws-cordless/milwaukee-m18-fuel-circular-saw-2732-review/40724/ It boils down to what battery system you own (or would prefer to invest in), the comfort level you have with a 3yr VS 5yr warranty and personal preferences, Both companies build great products. Pros Fastest cutting circular saw we’ve tested Full feature set, including dust port attachment Solid ergonomics Cons No major drawbacks Speed Test Runs Milwaukee 2732: 10.74 seconds DeWalt FlexVolt Worm Drive Style: 11.36 seconds* Makita 18V X2 XSH06 (new sidewinder style): 13.54 Makita 18V X2 Rear-Handle Saw: 18.64 seconds* Skilsaw SPT77WM worm drive: 27.96
  9. Unfortunately it appears your comments are filled with unsubstantiated opinion NOT facts. If you actually knew the facts your argument would fall apart. The Milwaukee Table saw has many features that provide the user a much better experience, such as positioning the blade further back in the table to allow for more stability of the work piece during cutting, thus making in inherently safer. Milwaukee provides two (2) miter slots for versatility something not available in the DeWalt. The raise/lower gearing operates on only half the turns of the DeWalt saving a lot of time cranking and cranking. Milwaukee's On/Off switch is functional and effective, Lots of complaints about the system used on the DeWalt, again a plus for safety. Milwaukee One-Key is standard on ALL their table saws allowing the user to lock it out and track the unit. The Milwaukee compares or exceeds the DeWalt 12 inch miter saw, and again offers One-key lockout and Geofencing security standard. Since most of your justification for one brand over the other is attributed to ergonomics, and that is wholly subjective it seems like a weak if not personally driven opinion not based on actual facts. The DeWalt router repeatedly failed during testing because the micro-adjustment would not stay put, unlike the rock-solid Milwaukee. Milwaukee makes several grinders, many not available from DeWalt, clearly you have a beef against Milwaukee.
  10. Yet another article discussing what appears to be significant issues with the New Tough System 2 Radio. Not a good look for DeWalt...Clearly they are suffering some production issues and they will most certainly get it straight but seems a bit disappointing and I would avoid them for the near future. https://toolguyd.com/dewalt-toughsystem-music-player-2020-user-reviews/ P.S. Toolguyd is a great site which consistently offers fair commentary and reviews and Stuart always offers full disclosure which I find refreshing.
  11. Really? Hands down? Not true. In fact Milwaukee makes just as many high performing "carpentry tools" when referring to cordless options as Dewalt!
  12. Not true, nowhere near 99% of the tools are made outside the country, you're just a Milwaukee Tool Company hater. No reason to make up untruths about information you don't possess. Facts follow for those that care for them: "Milwaukee Tool is also expanding their manufacturing footprint in the U.S. In December 2017, they announced a significant expansion of their Mississippi factories, creating over 600 new jobs in those cities – this was their fourth expansion since 2012 in that state. They also seem to be very committed to keeping strong roots in Wisconsin, with recent expansions to those facilities as well. Now they've announced the groundbreaking of another brand new manufacturing facility just outside Milwaukee, it seems their reinvestment in USA manufacturing continues. " Some Milwaukee tools are still made in the United States, and the majority are assembled in the United States. Because of the global marketplace, some Milwaukee items are sourced overseas, as are parts in just many items you purchase today, from automobiles to consumer electronics.Selective outsourcing helps to bring more products to market faster. As a result, we are able to serve our customers with a strong, comprehensive product line at competitive prices.Keep in mind these tools are still designed by our engineers to Milwaukee’s exacting standards. When we do manufacture a product overseas, be it at a sister company in Europe or elsewhere, we do so to the highest standards of quality. These tools are backed by our Five Year Limited-Warranty that is second to none.
  13. Here's an unbiased solid review that picks the Milwaukee as the top jobsite radio https://toolguyd.com/best-jobsite-radio-bluetooth-speaker-dewalt-tstak-milwaukee-packout-012020/
  14. You seem so convinced and I am not questioning your experience but if there is a difference, it's not significant. Their table saw is fantastic, and offers some real benefits, and every test by unbiased groups indicate a marginal difference at best. The new M18 Framing nailer will out perform the Dewalt versions, preliminary testing supports this. It is disingenuous to make ridiculous claims about tools because your biased. The fact is there is no significant difference at all and it really boils down to a decision on which battery platform you want to invest in. The three within Dewalt or the one M18 from Milwaukee. I admit both Dewalt and Milwaukee excel in different areas and in particular tools but in reality its a back and forth occurrence as each MFR updates and improves on previous generations to meet or exceed the current best option. I hope3 you enjoy the new year!
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