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  1. Mike55


    okay so I had a good idea for once, I went back to the source and asked about the saw. Turns out its an oldie, this saw is from the 90s which explains why it looks a lot different than the current models (or even the 07-08 models that were recalled). Good and bad news, it probably means that guard part isn't going to work, but also means I get to keep my fingers if its not the recalled machine. I'm still going to call dewalt though, better to be safe than sorry. Appreciate the help everyone!
  2. Mike55


    Hey Chris, thanks again, I did see this. Can I assume because my plate looks nothing like that it was before the recall? this saw does look like an older model. Does the Type (1, 2, 3 or 4) mean the year or generation it was produced? The recall is vague, doesn't make mention of it being DW744 Type 1. Without a dated serial I have no idea
  3. Mike55


    Okay I checked again no serial anywhere else, just a sticker on the motor that says "SER 03193". Doesnt seem to be in the same format, really just want to know if this was part of the recall. @ ChrisK, thanks I did find that piece 608668-00 on toolspareparts.com. It's an AU site apparently. Hopefully that is the guard that works for this saw...
  4. Mike55


    Hey there thanks for the response, I scoured that thing and I don't see a serial anywhere, its possible its on the underside. I'll check and let you know
  5. Hello, first posting here. I've been getting into woodworking lately and finally got my first power saw. It's a dw744 pictured. I really wanted to get a guard on this thing because i'm still an amateur lol. Once I started searching I noticed there was a product recall on the DW744. What I dont understand is why this version doesn't have a serial number, I'm worried it needs to have the recall work done and the prior owner didn't do it. I bought this used, is there no serial because its older? Also, can anyone give me any insight on how to get a guard for this model. Thanks!
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