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  1. So this picture was posted on makita tool nation on Facebook from an Australia expo. Looks like makita is finally going to come out with a tripod/rocket style light. I’m excited that this will come to the USA. I love these style likes. No other info was with the picture.
  2. I spoke to makita USA the other day about this issue and they told be they were working on a new 9ah battery. They weren’t sure on the release date but it is coming they said.
  3. The reason I was looking at replacing all is I’m looking at going from my brushed stuff to brushless. I’m liking the longer run times, and all that there is to like about brushless stuff. When I started looking at upgrading I saw that I could get the same about of Milwaukee as makita. In the past year my fire department bought all Milwaukee and I have really started to like it. Plus I love their lighting options as well. Not a deal breaker though. I just don’t know if Milwaukee is any better or More reliable than makita. That’s why I had asked you all.
  4. As the title says I am thinking about switching to Milwaukee. I currently run makita. I love my makita stuff. Never had any issues with it. But i tried the gen 3 drill and impact and I gotta say i like the grips better and how compact the drill was. Now I have been kinda eyeing up Milwaukee for a while. It is hard for me to find a place to actually go look at makita stuff. The nearest place I buy my stuff from is 2 hours away. That is one of my reasons on possibility switching. I have 3 Milwaukee dealers and Home Depot within 15 minutes of me. I’m basically looking for pros and cons to switching from makita to Milwaukee. Is it worth it? I know milwaukee is more powerful on most tools but i heard that makita date more reliable (aka less warranty claims) and last longer. Not sure if that’s true or not. I currently have and would be replacing all of the ope stuff and and then your standard cordless equipment (drill, impact, sawzall, circular saw, angle grinder. All of which I currently have in makita.
  5. Here is a response I got from makita when I asked if they were going to listen to their customers about making some bigger batteries: Thank you for your question and comments. The 18V LXT platform isn’t going anywhere – in fact, we just announced over 25 new LXT products on the way in early 2020! With over 225 products (and 250+ in 2020) LXT is the world’s largest 18V cordless tool system. As for bigger 18V batteries, we already have a solution – and it’s called 18V X2. For those highest-demand applications (rotary hammers, blowers, string trimmers, miter saws, dust extractors, and more), Makita created 36V tools and power equipment powered by two 18V batteries for 36V performance with the same fast-charging 18V batteries that you use on core tools like drills, impact drivers, and 225+ other LXT tools. We also just don’t focus on batteries; our success in delivering high power with 36V is due to our purpose-built BL motors. We develop motors specific to the tool’s applications. You might not need to carry around 20 batteries since Makita 18V LXT batteries offer category-leading charge times and, in early 2020, we will offer the new LXT Portable Power Supply Battery Backpack– this power management solution will supply up to 4x the run time for 18V tools and twice the run time for 18V X2 tools. We’re sorry for your frustrating experience with the chuck on your XPH07. You have the option to mail in your drill for service so that you do not have to drive 2 hours to the Factory Service Center. If you would like additional assistance with information on warranty or service, please DM your contact information and we will have a customer service representative contact you directly.
  6. Sorry to revive an old thread. But I would assume Makita is not at this point going to release any new batteries for their 18v line with the new 40v system coming soon. I’m actually concerned that the 18v line will get left behind for the 40v system.
  7. Looks like we’re getting something new from Makita in 2019
  8. Anyone actually think Makita will go this route with a battery operated back pack blower? I would love something like this instead of my hand held
  9. I was speaking with the Makita rep at the Makita innovations tour that stopped here in PA yesterday. He said Makita will be releasing 9ah batteries sometime next year. He wasn’t sure What cells will be in them he just knows they will be coming out.
  10. I am looking at picking up a new Makita miter saw. I’m really liking the LS1219L but I’m concerned that it will have the same issues that people have been reporting with the 1019l. I’ve looked at the 1216L as well that has had mixed reviews as well. Anyone have either of these saws?
  11. Why does it seem like Makita is lacking lighting options? Milwaukee and Dewalt have the rocket style lights. I’ve seen the Milwaukee lights in action and they are insanely bright and I saw a video on YouTube comparing the rocket light to the Makita light and stand and the Milwaukee blows the Makita out of the water. So do you think Makita will step up their game and add a light like these?
  12. Actually yes today I was at a local hardware store that offers both Milwaukee and Makita trying to see side by side which one I liked better. They had a full array of DeWalt tools and out door equipment. The Dewalt stuff was very nice not like the older stuff that my dad had. One thing that stuck out for me was the made in the USA stickers on a lot of Dewalts stuff. I am big in to buying made in America when I can and it’s available. That’s kinda why I’ve been leaning Makita because of quite a few things that are at least assembled here. *side note a cordless impact is on my list and Makita’s is assembled in the USA. Looking at the entire was or corded and cordless there were quite a few made in USA and japan for them.* that said Dewalt had a lot more USA tools and their outdoor equipment was nice. And they have a tower/rocket light which is something regardless if I chose Makita I was prolly going to buy since they don’t offer one. How is Dewalt today in comparison to Milwaukee and Makita? If it’s just as good then my decision just added on more tool maker to the mix.
  13. Thanks for the welcoming. A lot of great info on this forum. I am looking at upgrading my cordless tools from cheapos and buy some corded tools as well. I want to buy either brands 6 tool brushless kits, corded circular saw, jig saw and some cordless lighting. I do a lot of building and fixing up at my house. As far as ope, hedge trimmer, blower and string trimmer. I love the fact either brand offers this so keeping with the same batteries. I do my own landscaping on my property which is a decent size.
  14. Here is on thing I have to consider is there are about 4 local businesses that are Milwaukee dealers not including Home Depot. There are no Makita local dealers other than HD. Now I don’t mind buying online at all only argument to that is getting my hands on new tools to see if I like them.
  15. I’m in the market for a new string trimmer. I am investing in one of these platforms and ope is a big part of my decision. I would like opinions on which is better. The Makita seems quieter and Milwaukee based on videos I watched seems to have a loud sound when the trigger is released (guessing its the shaft stopping which I know Makita doesn’t have). Which is better shaft driven or the motor right on the head? Is 18 x2 better than the 9.0 or 12.0 single battery?
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