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  1. Ive done this plenty of times, well actually cut the plug off and installed a 10A plug. Most, if not all of your 10A sockets are 25A rated. The main reason for 15A sockets is so that each 15A socket is stand alone to the board. Your oven or split systems will be stand alone, requiring 15A or hard wire. By doing this, it stops people plugging in 15A leads/appliances/tools to a circuit that may have many more points looped to it which will trip the power. You just want to ensure that the wire used is beefy, which mostly I think it's as thin as a hair these days and legal! This is why we have so many fires in Australia, an appliance rated at 5amps won't trip the board because the breaker will be 25A. If appliances had their own fuse, this wouldn't be a problem. I remember I bought a bosch multi tool from the UK and the actual plug has its own fuse. Best idea imo.
  2. For anyone interested, this tool is coming down under early next year, finally!!!!
  3. method

    Dewalt DCE800

    That's the one! I already tried to purchase from them but they do not ship to Australia. I might see if my porter cable backing pad will fit it.
  4. So I bought this quite some time ago now and thought I'd share my thoughts on its use so far. First impressions were really good, I believe it works as intended and the remote with tool pairing works great also. Pros - Runtime with a 9ah or 12ah capacity battery is pretty good. If you begin with three fully charged batteries and two chargers you can literally run this tool non stop. - It is light when it isn't full of dust. - Portability is good - From memory it wasn't expensive - Auto filter cleaning works very well - It is relatively quiet This is where dewalt got it all wrong in my opinion. Cons - No wheels - The hose marks everything in black, walls, floors etc - Supplied hose length is useless, I had to buy the extra length hose - fleece bags destroy the performance of the tool - Alarm can't be disabled and the hose diameter selector switch has never made a difference for me - Auto filter cleaning should be optional - Metal latches should be on the upper half of the unit, when emptying the bin into a garbage bag they hook onto the bag and tear it open nearly all of the time. With all this in mind, it makes me wonder if dewalt actually give their tools out to real trades, in real work environments to test out during development, prior to release? I used this attached to my 9" grinder to grind approx 25sqm of concrete after removing tiles prior to pouring self levelling. With the fleece bags, it couldn't keep up with the dust (granted it is only rated for 5" tools) and the alarm would not stop. I removed the fleece bags and it was like a different vacuum, the suction power increased enormously. I would guess that the dust clogs the fleece bag almost instantly. No more alarm and the tool kept up quite well with the dust as I ground. I was amazed how well the filter cleaning worked. Some photos below. If you ever have issues with the audible alarm just remove the bags and it will solve your problem. I just bought the metabo ASR 36-18 and started using it, I will post a review on it soon. Size difference to the metabo
  5. method

    Dewalt DCE800

    I picked up one of these about a month ago. Such an awesome tool however it is supplied with just the one hard backing pad. It's impossible to sand top coat with the supplied backing pad. An online search and reviews revealed that it is supplied overseas with two backing pads, one soft which looks to be like the backing pad supplied with all other drywall sanders and one hard for heavy sanding. Just a heads up for anyone looking to purchase, I've contacted dewalt and I am waiting on their response.
  6. Anything should work. The idea is to stop seizing and wear. Grease will eventually get hot and melt everywhere doing the same thing as oil. When I cleaned my old metabo grinder, it was also packed with grease in the housing.
  7. What type of grinder? Could be the brushes unless it's brushless?
  8. I believe the issue looks like a fault where the battery connects to the tool allowing it to vibrate ever so slightly during use. Regardless of heat protection the terminal should not melt unless the contact is poor. I use many tools continuously over and over until the battery drains and it should not melt. A line trimmer draws little current so the battery should barely get warm. Milwaukee have been the most disappointing in terms of battery quality for me over the last few years. Their batteries have been so bad that unless it's a specialised tool I can't buy from anyone else, I avoid Milwaukee now.
  9. This is normal when you charge high capacity batteries as from memory this doesn't have a cooling fan. I had the same issues with my old Milwaukee charger and the 9 & 12ah batteries. Even with the new charger it gets hot. I use the DeWalt fast chargers only now and have no issues. The Milwaukee and DeWalt would get so hot the batteries would stop charging and I worried something would catch fire one day 🙈
  10. Not sure how you went with this but I have that kit and keep the spare bags and all attachments in an AEG box. The size is perfect so make sure whatever you buy fits the wand parts without having to angle them. Keeps them safe and all together. I just take the box with me whenever I use the flexvolt extractor.
  11. Almost two months on, I finally received a call from total tools to say my battery claim was rejected lol. Two months and 4 phone calls to find out if my battery would be replaced. It was out of warranty by a few months yet hardly used.. really frustrating, especially with their turn around time. Their Google reviews definitely were not fudged. On the other hand, we in Australia, miss out on the power supply/generator once again! That was a definite buy which will be no longer. We also don't get kit options so I don't see anyone really purchasing this anymore. I tried out the demo saw today, it would have to be the most impractical design I've ever held. The handle is literally as if someone took a piece of round tube, bent it at a 90 degree angle and screwed it onto the tool. Unbelievably uncomfortable in the hand, bulky and awkward. Did they not test the ergonomics of a stihl or husky demo saw?? The only selling point I now see for this is the fact that it's cordless which is why I'd buy it.. but with no kit it works out to almost $3k with 1 battery and charger... My issue is that if the batteries overheat like they do with the m18 chainsaw and 9" grinder... The tool would be more frustrating than useful. I saw no cooling system on the battery packs?? Really disappointing. On the other note, the jackhammer didn't look as bulky as it does in videos online although no battery was attached to it.
  12. It has always worked for me. I wouldn't say WD40 evaporates like most solvents, it leaves behind a slight film but the plus is that it doesn't really make the jaws slip as I'd imagine lanolin spray or lithium spray might. Mind you, this is to stop the friction issue with the jaws not to help hold the bit in place, which in turn allows you to properly tighten the jaws if that makes sense.
  13. If it's just a tightening issue you can just spray the inside with some WD40 or silicone spray. My metabo chucks do this every few years if they get heavy use and the lubricant makes them hold on and tighten like new.
  14. That's right I forgot they were owned by TTI which is probably the biggest home/commercial tool related company globally I would imagine. Bunnings also exclusively sell Ryobi so that makes sense also. To confuse things even more, tti hand tools can be found at total tools so I would imagine they are made/owned by TTi? I've never looked into it but the quality/price is quite reasonable being around half the cost of sidchrome tools etc. From memory when I posted photos of the boxes in here they were made in Israel I think..
  15. Hi there, I had two corded sawzalls with the same chuck and they definitely did not have that issue. You could take it back to the store and check to see if their other stock has the same issue. I'd stay away from the tool if it has become the norm for that particular tool (lower quality) as your blades are most likely to break when cutting heavy materials such as hardwood/steel etc.
  16. I think our AEG is your Rigid? This is the brand I'm talking about: https://www.aegpowertools.com.au/power-tools/products/details/quickstack-organiser-aeg-proorg?list=all_products&list_name=All+Products Owned by Milwaukee I believe, I've been told their factory is literally opposite Milwaukee's in China and most components are the same. They are mid-ranged priced tools, although some are just as expensive as DeWalt and Milwaukee now with the difference being that you get a 5y replacement warranty on the tools. You can walk into the reseller (Bunnings exclusive) 4 years and 11 months later with the broken tool and you walk out with the same or new equivalent tool no questions asked. It's a reason why they have become popular because of the replacement warranty as opposed to having to send tools off etc. Imo they are the most underrated tool here and are often bagged solely because our big warehouse Bunnings sell them and smaller trade tool centers do not.
  17. I know this is an old post but for durability the AEG boxes are half the price of Milwaukee and DeWalt and twice as strong. I abuse the hell out of them and they are still mechanically perfect. Anyone considering tool boxes I highly recommend them. The latches that lock the boxes together are super strong, as is the main handle and case itself.
  18. Any type of gear oil should work, it will not be critical to use the manufacturer specific oil. Just check the viscosity of the existing oil and pick a thin or thick oil based on the feel of it.
  19. Most likely it would, they were very simple early on. At a guess it would have been just a screw type guard. If you take it to any tool repair place I'm sure they would test fit one at no charge.
  20. I did this with my cordless Husqvarna saw with great results so you should be able to. The only issue that I can think of is that the Milwaukee seems to struggle with continuous cutting (from the reviews I've seen online - issues with HO 12.0 batteries overheating) so by extending the bar you would be putting more load on the motor, especially when cutting.
  21. I returned a 9ah battery today that I probably used and charged 20 times before it stopped working. I was told that total tools and the like probably won't end up even stocking this mx range? No one here in Australia can even give us an estimate of when this platform will arrive. You get the excuse of covid when you ask. I'm wondering if it will even survive long enough for it to get here or was it a flop overseas? Any updates on the performance/popularity from the guys/girls using this platform if it's out in your countries?
  22. If it will not take charge just jump start it with another good fully charged battery. I recently did this with an m12 battery that I hadn't used for over 6 years and it's as good as new now.
  23. Wondering when we will see DeWalts response to this line up. Everything looks so bulky on the MX platform 😕 regardless of whether it is lighter and more powerful, ergonomics play an even bigger part imo.
  24. I went out and bought one. Great machine, it kept up with my Porter Cable drywall sander. Not as powerful as my 60l shop vac but so much more portable! One question, how on Earth do you disable the low battery / flow alarm? Flicking between the two hose sizes, I notice no difference in suction? Sometimes even with the right size hose, it still beeps depending on the tool which is annoying as hell 😕
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