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  1. Hey guy, first post for me and hoping to get some helpful feedback. i recently purchased a hitachi cordless framing nail gun (NR1890DC) and am having problems with it not driving the nails deep enough. im in construction but mainly using this for my own projects - I first used it to put down subfloor after replacing rotted joists and it worked fine besides a few times it wouldn’t drive the nails deep enough after a lot of use but usually the adjustment would take care of that. i am now replacing fence boards and using 2” (I think, maybe 2 1/2) and every single nail is only going in about an inch. After I shoot a nail, it makes a weird sound, almost like a clicking sound after the cylinder cycles. Anyway any advice would be greatly appreciated. Sorry if some of the terminology is off or my explanation is unclear but just let me know if I can better explain it. Thanks in Advance!
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