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  1. It all depends on the type of fastener. Unfortunately, there are no universal sets. 1. Bolts and nuts. Like this: The most reliable way to deal with such screw is to take an OEM 22986 screw extractor. Its only drawback is that there are only five sizes in the set. So if you need more sizes, I recommend the Rocketsocket set. 2. Screws. Like this: For such fasteners, it is best to take a Irwin tools set — 53227. In some cases, when the screw head is severely damaged, it may be necessary to make a hole with a metal dril
  2. If the price is not important, then I definitely recommend the iFixit Pro Tech 87 in 1 Toolkit. S2 steel bits and a lot of auxiliary tools for repairing small items — that's a good point. If you do not want to overpay, then you should look at the set from Royace. It's 119 in 1 screwdriver kit has vast array of CR-V bits and ratchet screwdriver.
  3. My choice — Muzerdo 86 in 1 set. Excellent high-carbon steel, anti-corrosion titanium coating. It's definitely worth the money. In another guide the leaders were and Gearwrench and Muzerdo.But second one was one step higher.
  4. evp

    Bolt Cutters

    If you need a reliable and extremely high-quality tool, then of course you should look in the direction of KNIPEX 71 72 610. It has 62 HRC cutting edge hardness and able to cut metal rod up to 48 HRC and diameter up to 3/8 inch. Of the minuses-twice the higher price compared to the closest analogues of other brands. If the price is more important, then try WorkPro W017006A or Maxilla FB-24 Folding Bolt Cutter. At a cost within $50, they have good tech specs. If you are interested in the minimum weight and compactness — the best choice will be Fuller Tool Pro Series 18-Inch. It weight
  5. evp


    You mean this Engineer?
  6. evp


    I wouldn't be so adamant. Klein Tools and Irwin work not worse, but at a price much more attractive. And in this review - https://toolslaboratory.com/best-linemans-pliers-buyers-guide/, KNIPEX skipped forward even unusual, but little-known Vampliers.
  7. Look like lineman's pliers. It is possible that some of the early Channellock or Klein Tools
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