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  1. I appreciate the reply’s. I was told to always to store them fully charged, but it is completely possible I was misinformed or I misunderstood what they were saying. But I do realize that batteries are all different. My lipo batteries for my RC stuff is kept at a storage charge and keep in the fridge. Anyways thank you all for your help. I keep my batteries together especially this time of the year so they can be brought in and not left out in the cold. Hopefully will have a long life of Milwaukee tools ahead of me.
  2. I am new to Milwaukee, I am switching over from DeWalt. Is there a recommended way to store the lithium ion batteries? I have 3 XC 5ah batteries currently. I always bring the batteries in during cold weather. But should I store them fully charged?, 2 or 3 bars? Any help would be appreciated.
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