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  1. Do you guys think i should hold out for after Christmas? Sale or other combo kits.
  2. Well i took back the set with no issues, helps that I had receipt, package, bought with HD credit card and talked with HD customer rep before going to my local before hand. Plus tools were unused (sorry no community drill). Not to mention i was polite! I just wish Milwaukee would give us more tools/options for Gen 3 brushless Packout combo kit, the brushed kit has alot of options. Every other manufacturer gives their brushed and brushless combo kits options. I mean everyone needs a drill/hammer drill and impact driver and batteries. From there people need variety. Some need a circular, Hackzall, Sawzall, oscillating, etc something to saw or cut. I want to "Invest" in my power tools. People have told me that Makita has very good sets, but i have felt the power of red.
  3. I found a decent deal on the new Gen 3 Model 2997-23PO-48-59-1850R Like the 2997-23PO (Driver, Hammer Drill, Hackall). HD is listing a new model that comes with another 5.0 XC battery and Rapid Charger for the same price as the 2997-23PO. So 3 tools, 2 x 5.0Ah, 1 x HD 6.0Ah battery, 1 reg charger, and 1 rapid charger. To me that seems like something worth it. Now i will go on the record and voice what others have said about the 2997-23PO. I can't find one locally and was told that i will have to order it through HD, I will be ordering through a service manager and i will be addressing the the other complaint others have and that is about the tray not being there. I'm gonna haggle the price if i am going to lose the tray. Thanks for your input everyone, I appreciate it and I know that my wife appreciates it. She didn't have to listen to the pro's and con's of each. My biggest gripe about the Hammer Drill was the side handle.
  4. Also another thing to take note is, it generally takes 3-5 cycles before you get the full optimization from a battery pack. A cycle going from full charge to low.
  5. https://www.acehardware.com/departments/tools/power-tools/combo-power-tool-sets/2824357-collection https://www.homedepot.com/p/Milwaukee-M18-FUEL-18-Volt-Lithium-Ion-Brushless-Cordless-Combo-Kit-3-Tool-with-3-Batteries-and-PACKOUT-Case-2997-23PO-48-59-1850R/308373228
  6. Thanks, The 9.0HD battery is still packaged up, just wondering if i should trade my Gen 2 set for the new Gen 3 set with comparable batteries ( 2x 5.0 batteries ) for 249.00 and just buy a stack out case. I just was looking for peoples thoughts on the Gen3 stack outs.
  7. I bought my Gen 2 Stack Out Combo Kit several months with my Home Depot Credit Card. so i have 1 full calendar from date of purchase to return my combo kit. Here is where i could use some input from people like yourselves: My kit includes: Hex Impact Driver 2753-20, Hammer Drill 2704-20 2x REDLITHIUM XC 5.0Ah batteries, 1 x REDLITHIUM XC 9.0Ah HD battery and Stack Out Case. similar Model # 2897-22PO is the same Stack Out, Drill/Driver combo. Originally price was $399.00 with free stack-out and free 9.0HD battery. I need the variable speed on the driver, need the hammer drill, brush-less of course. Suggestions, thoughts. I am staying with team red. I
  8. You don't have to charge lithium batteries right away. However when i get new rechargeable batteries i consider it maintenance. Ideally you want to keep them around the 50% mark like BMack said. If you don't use them every few months, refresh the charge. If it gets cold in your garage or shed bring them inside. Things you should avoid at all cost is heat with lithium-ion. Make sure you don't use off brand charger or over charge your batteries. Make sure your tools aren't left in the sunlight. An example of what can happen is old Samsung cellphones. In the past when new lithium ion cells were manufactured for cellphones and laptops they were transported on planes. People didn't realize these new batteries needed to stabilize chemically before being transported. A little common sense is all
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