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  1. what is the "new lefty " ? the 22v ?
  2. first post here , figured there had to be a forum to help since there were plenty of car ones... anyways... like the title says , WSC 7.25 A-36 dies on me , I over worked it cutting brick , it got super hot and I stopped cutting , after the fact I read somewhere that I should have ran it saw without cutting to help cool it down but didn't know at the time. the blade will turn but its running / turning like the battery is dying , but the battery is good , works in my other 36v tools no problem. hilti will repair it for $200 or 250 since its out of warranty. could it be motor brushes ? a parts diagram would help and a source to get parts , I found places online but need part numbers to cross reference. any input or advice is appreciated
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