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  1. So ... I got the packout radio for my birthday, last month. I am very happy with it! It seems very well built, the fm reception is better than any jobsite radio I have owned, although I normally listen to Sirius or pandora through my phone. i have to admit the sound of my gen1 tough system is a little better. If you turn the volume up all the way (packout) , it gets a little distorted. I normally don’t turn it up to full volume anyway. The controls are way better, you can easily open the storage door with one hand, the Bluetooth is awesome.
  2. I still love mine. I even made a custom foam liner for my packout case.
  3. Thanks, I usually stream music from my phone , but it would nice to listen to static free fm radio.
  4. Nice, thanks. I wonder it the Milwaukee has better fm reception. The reception on my tough system quite frankly, sucks.
  5. Thanks for the offer. I think I’ll buy the Milwaukee and check it out. if I dont like it , I will return it and buy more Heineken 😜
  6. Ugg you guys are killing me ( or maybe saving me $300🙄) I have been hooked into the hype for, it seems like 6 months now. I can’t even believe it 🤬
  7. Really 😳, that’s a disappointment! I was ready to pull the trigger and buy one, still might. I definitely would return it if didn’t sound as good as the tough system gen1.
  8. Awsome, I’m sold. thanks
  9. How about the sound quality? Does it have good bass? My tough system sounds great and you can turn the volume all the way up ,and there is no distortion.
  10. So... do any of you own the packout radio. I really want one. Does it sound as good as the tough system radio?
  11. I have had zero issues with my gen3 drill/ impact. I use them all the time. I just recently s used the drill on the hammer mode for the first time ...it works just as good my big corded Dewalt hammer drill.
  12. Your right, it is awesome!! i love how all the accessories store on board. Now I need the stand . I used it today on saw horses.
  13. Santa brought me the Fuel table saw😍. I have a nice hardwood job to try it out, tomorrow.
  14. Merry Christmas to all!
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