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  1. So ... I got the packout radio for my birthday, last month. I am very happy with it! It seems very well built, the fm reception is better than any jobsite radio I have owned, although I normally listen to Sirius or pandora through my phone. i have to admit the sound of my gen1 tough system is a little better. If you turn the volume up all the way (packout) , it gets a little distorted. I normally don’t turn it up to full volume anyway. The controls are way better, you can easily open the storage door with one hand, the Bluetooth is awesome.
  2. I still love mine. I even made a custom foam liner for my packout case.
  3. Thanks, I usually stream music from my phone , but it would nice to listen to static free fm radio.
  4. Nice, thanks. I wonder it the Milwaukee has better fm reception. The reception on my tough system quite frankly, sucks.
  5. Thanks for the offer. I think I’ll buy the Milwaukee and check it out. if I dont like it , I will return it and buy more Heineken 😜
  6. Ugg you guys are killing me ( or maybe saving me $300🙄) I have been hooked into the hype for, it seems like 6 months now. I can’t even believe it 🤬
  7. Really 😳, that’s a disappointment! I was ready to pull the trigger and buy one, still might. I definitely would return it if didn’t sound as good as the tough system gen1.
  8. Awsome, I’m sold. thanks
  9. How about the sound quality? Does it have good bass? My tough system sounds great and you can turn the volume all the way up ,and there is no distortion.
  10. So... do any of you own the packout radio. I really want one. Does it sound as good as the tough system radio?
  11. I have had zero issues with my gen3 drill/ impact. I use them all the time. I just recently s used the drill on the hammer mode for the first time ...it works just as good my big corded Dewalt hammer drill.
  12. Your right, it is awesome!! i love how all the accessories store on board. Now I need the stand . I used it today on saw horses.
  13. Santa brought me the Fuel table saw😍. I have a nice hardwood job to try it out, tomorrow.
  14. Merry Christmas to all!
  15. Does that jigsaw have a light on it? i’ve had 4 or 5 18 V Dewalt jigsaw‘s. I like them a lot , but I had to replace the blade holder on a couple of them and everyone I had... the variable speed trigger would malfunction, after a while. I replaced a couple of the triggers, A couple years ago I bought the 20 V Dewalt jigsaw and that has been good so far, knock on wood. By having so many different jigsaw’s over the years ,I ended up with several of the plastic base covers. I ended gluing a 3/4” thick piece of flooring to one of the base plates. this would move the cut , down the blade to a new spot ,that the teeth were still brand new. (hopefully that makes sense ). I always thought someone should make a jigsaw that has an adjustable base height, this would make the blade last much longer. I like the looks of the new fuel jig saw. ill probably pick one up soon. It’ll probably look much better in my pack out cases , than the yellow one does 😜
  16. I took back the junk Dewalt and got the Milwaukee M18.
  17. Ugg... that’s my luck. 🤬 I thought the Atomic ,was the latest and greatest from Dewalt.
  18. I picked up the Dewalt Atomic cordless multi oscillating tool. I have a Fein multi master which I love. I use it mainly to undercut door casings, for when we install hard surface flooring. I wanted a cordless one for convenience , when just doing a few doorways or the rare job where there is no power. i have a bunch of Milwaukee tools but didn’t care for the feel of their m.o.t. or the blade lock. The Dewalt is great ...but it would be awesome if it had a dial for the variable speed instead of the v.s. trigger. It is impossible to keep the tool at a constant slower speed. On my Fein I keep the speed at #2 and the blade last so much longer. High speed kills the blades.
  19. I’m looking for the M18 fuel table saw kit. I have seen it for $449 with battery and charger.
  20. Yes I was at a job yesterday where another contractor was using the DeWalt cordless brad gun. It sounded like it had to wind up each time he pulled the trigger, and there was a delay between pulling the trigger and firing. I’m guessing this is what they call ramp up time) I thought it kinda sounded like a toy.
  21. I saw that last year, but I never pulled the trigger. How do you like the saw?
  22. If anyone sees a deal on the fuel table saw with the 12 amp hour battery, please let me know. Home Depot has had a special of the day, twice now with in the last couple months for $499. At the time, I didn’t have the cash available (that day). I got the money set aside now. I don’t know if anyone will have a deal on it for Black Friday or not. i have been on the fence about the fuel or the corded dewalt with the big wheeled stand for about the same price.
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