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  1. What do you not like about the M18? i have had several OMT’s, I mainly use the Fein multi master for undercutting door casings. I find the blades last much longer when used on a slower speed (2-3) The DeWalt doesn’t have a speed dial, the variable speed is in the trigger. I had a Rigid tool, and it was difficult to keep it a consistent speed , unless it was full throttle. i thought about getting a M18 but I have never tried one .
  2. Hello, I stumbled upon this forum a week or so ago. I am a flooring contractor from upstate New York , since 1988. We install almost anything thet goes on a floor including hardwood , porcelain, laminate, vinyl products, and carpet. I love tools... I was a big DeWalt fan but have been acquiring quite a few Milwaukee tools over the last few years. I am looking foreword to getting in on some conversations here.
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