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  1. I have acquired an old Lathe. It looks to me to be an old Rockwell or Delta but I can't find any Model or Part numbers. I h need to get new speed controller lever etc cause the speed falls off when you set it up. Any body know how to find this model for parts? should I take a bunch of pics of the parts I want? HELP...
  2. 😀 Hey guys happy to be here and looking forward to many rewarding conversations here! My big burning question is this; I've had a Lathe given to me! Looks to me like a Rockwell or Delta but I have no idea! it is from an old school shop locally. The layers of paint are unimaginable and finding a number is likewise very hard. Can I access an exploded view data base to match parts? Do I take a picture and see who bites? If you guys could push me in the right direction id really appreciate it! Thanks in advance from a lifetime worker of wood.
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