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  1. Those Milwaukee heated hoodies are great. Mine is several years old (I'm guilty of babying it cuz it's so darn nice, and always wear something over it if working so I don't tear it up). Unbelievable how warm it gets. Looking to get the "fanny pack" looking thing that you can stick your hands in to keep them warm. I used to have a hammer addiction too, lol. A few years ago my wife bought me 3 different Stilettos (hammers, NOT ladies shoes, HA!) that I use for different tasks after hearing me hint for years about wanting one. Guys I work with ended up adopting almost all of my other hammers since. Most people think it's crazy to spend so much on a hammer. Occasionally I'll lend one out for a week and then they get it.
  2. Cliffbob, those are some great tips there. I took a peek at this thread to see if I could learn something, and I did. Great suggestion with the tip angle. Thanks
  3. I have a different saw. I added the light kit to my Dewalt 799 miter. Did not have to change the switch. Kit came with a new handle as well but only needed to swap out the upper half. Absolutely amazing upgrade.
  4. Bought a Predator 52cc gas one person auger from Harbor Freight. Looked at a lot of the available options, read reviews, watched videos, etc. Paid $169 on sale. Ordered an extension from Amazon. Must have dug 1000s of post holes by hand over the years and decided that my aging body needs to accept that there are easier ways to do things. Lol. Just had a pool installed in the backyard and will be building a deck soon so looking forward to trying this out. Never thought I'd be frequenting Harbor Freight as often as the last few years but some of their products are fantastic for the price.
  5. I heard about this issue on another forum and a Dewalt rep recommended to use at least a 6.0 battery with this nailer. At the time it was sold with a 4.0 battery and there were many complaints like your's. If you're already using it with a 6.0 or larger battery then you probably have another issue. Of not, see if anyone has a larger battery to try before just paying for one, again, in case there's another issue.
  6. Never seen an actual Dewalt bag but search "framing nailer bag" on ebay for others.
  7. If I wasn't very deep and very happy in the Ridgid 18v platform I'd be in the Milwaukee line. My co-contractor buddy is a Milwaukee guy. Tell you what, the Milwaukee cordless table saw is REALLY impressive. I am into the Milwaukee 12v line though and I can't wait to get my hands on the new 12v Surge impact driver. A lot of great stuff coming out by all the manufacturers as of late. Great time to be a tool nut. Speaking of Dewalt, I put Dewalt's new cordless mud mixer in my hand today while at Home Depot. Man what a beast that thing is!
  8. I'd love to see something in the 600ish range. Is that 600ft/lb rating the fastening torque or breakaway torque. What I've noticed is the forward torque rating on some of these tools averages around 25% less than the breakaway torque. Some manufacturers post the torque rating with an asterisk with some fine print indicating "advertised torque rating is breakaway torque".
  9. I saw an advertisement for the new M12 Surge. I have a few of the M12 drills and impact drivers, right angle drill, couple of Hackzalls, inspection camera, even a M12 radio. Love the M12 stuff for storm door installs, HVAC work, etc. Really looking forward to trying this thing out.
  10. I was going to order the Bosch Axial Glide. Checked a local ad and the 779 Dewalt was on sale for $329. Wanted newer style without the rails sticking way out the back but for the price I had to try the Dewalt. Long story short, I friggin love this saw. Added the XPS LED shadow line upgrade package to it (led shadow cut line is FAR superior to a laser, needs no adjustment, and shows the full width of the blade). So now I have just under $400 into this saw and it's won me over. No knock, the latest saws are awesome, but this old school Dewalt delivers.
  11. The Shelix was already on my radar before getting the planer. Quite an impressive setup!
  12. Along with another brand that many love to bash. Lol
  13. I'd bet my right arm that a huge majority of homeowners don't pass a bit of judgement on what brand of tools we use when working on their homes. Do a job that leaves a smile on their faces and you'll get plenty of word of mouth recommendations. As tradesmen that use tools to make a living we are the ones obsessed with who's using what. One of my mentors years ago had only one cordless drill. It was an 18 volt Black & Decker Firestorm. Whether drilling holes or driving screws I couldn't believe that drill's will to survive. He'd drive 3.5 inch deck screws all day. Every one would slow that drill down to what seemed like 10 rpm, but it kept going. Most of us feel a certain responsibility to use what we hope others perceive as contractor grade stuff to emit an aura of professionalism, but realistically, more people care about how the job turns out than they do about what drill or saw you used to do it.
  14. Hey fellas. Please accept my sincere apologies. I'm typically a very non confrontational guy and possess a true passion to both learn from others and also offer knowledge when I can. I tried to express that in earlier posts in this thread while undergoing some badgering. A few too many personal digs towards me allowed me to react very negatively. I do not apologize even slightly to who it was directed at, but to the many good members of this forum and the moderators I'm genuinely sorry. I will prove my worth on this forum to y'all. I value everyone's opinions and contributions as I always have. Differences of opinion can be very constructive when approached in the right manner. I'm making it a point to learn from this and look forward to learning many things to come from all of y'all that share my passion.
  15. The last comments you had made on 2 of your posts had nothing to do with facts of any kind. Butt hurt? Not me bitch. I just have no problem whatsoever calling out a dickhead, which is exactly what you are. Warn me, ban me? I could care less. You're an egotistical, arrogant, old lady's used douche bag and you can bury your face in a big platter of male privates and gobble em up like a pelican. I've dealt with enough assholes like you in my time. Karma will find you. Just for the record, smile on my face so adios dick muncher. There you go mods. Gave you every reason to ban me for good. Haha
  16. I own a couple corded belt sanders but this little fella would be perfect for making small adjustments to counter tops and vanity tops. On my radar as a tool to pick up for sure.
  17. So, I knew that my wife was "surprising " me with this planer. When I picked it up I was pleasantly surprised. Not only did it come with the in feed and out feed tables but also included the Dewalt mobile stand as a bonus. I would've built a stand but definitely will not complain. Got it together. Can't wait to get some projects going at home. Unfortunately the orthopedic surgeon is making a project of me. Lol. Torn labrum & rotator cuff surgery this past Tuesday has me sidelined for approximately 6 months. Then I turn right back around and have the other operated on. When it rains it pours. All good things to those who wait I guess........
  18. First, I guess at 46 I could be referred to as an "old dude", but the fact that you even had to go their only shows what a douche bag you truly are. Second, your "precious Dewalt" line doesn't have a cordless worm drive, but in fact in their words a "worm drive like saw". So you're a douche bag that doesn't even know what you're saying about your own tool line (aka-dumb ass). Third, I totally agree that Ridgid's cordless multi tool sucks. I never liked the switchable head idea and epoxied mine together which eliminated all of the excess vibration. I am in total agreement with you that the Dewalt is far superior, to pretty much any other cordless multi tool in my opinion. Sadly, this whole crap storm started simply because I stated my personal opinion that I strongly disagree that Ridgid is a consumer/homeowner tool. Opinions were exchanged, which is great, and then one lone a-hole has to come in making unnecessary statements about Ridgid users being "for guys who don't want to spend real money" and "old dudes stuck in the past". For the rest of you I genuinely respect y'all even if we don't agree. But as for d-face, if you want to continue to throw stones, please do it through personal messaging. It really isn't impressive. See y'all on other threads.
  19. Never in my life have I been accused of pinching pennies. If spending more truly gets you more I'm always first in line. Have any opinion you choose, but throwing out statements like that is just ignorant, sister. I knew even posting in this thread was gonna rub a lot of egomaniacs the wrong way and obviously got some of y'alls panties in a bunch which wasn't my intentions, but now I find highly amusing. I own plenty of Dewalt, Milwaukee, and Makita stuff and respect each for different reasons. I've just never been afraid to go against the grain. I'm no rookie. Been doing this a long time and my work more than shows that. So, all y'all enjoy your choices as I do mine and best of luck with whatever you do. Not trying to make enemies but prefer to not associate with egomaniacs, so peace out.
  20. I rarely use an electronic stud finder anymore. C.H.Hanson magnetic ($7-8) rarely misses and is a dream on metal studs. My co-contractor friend has the 200ish dollar Milwaukee stud finder but has since gotten the Hanson as well.
  21. Email Ridgid a video of yourself explaining that your the ultimate Ridgid fanboy and keep your fingers crossed. Was also sent some Ridgid thongs for the Mrs but I decided to toss them in the old tool trailer and use them for dust masks.
  22. Now that was a more educated response, however, I will not be throwing away my Ridgid underoos and Speedos any time soon. Lol. Good stuff fellas!
  23. There's no doubt that I prefer Ridgid for my cordless platform, but as stated, I own very few of their corded tool. I'm a fanboy of good tools regardless of who makes them. Appreciate your opinion though...
  24. Without starting a crap throwing contest here, I STRONGLY disagree with this statement. I've been a contractor for over 20 years. Owned/used every brand out there. Originally switched to Ridgid because it was the new kid on the block and I really wanted to more easily find my tools on a jobsite among the sea of yellow and red, but once I started using them I never had a reason to go back. I see comments like your's all the time on forums and usually it's an opinion based statement, unless you can provide statements from Ridgid themselves stating that their tools are geared towards/marketed for "consumer grade" users. Then I would happily tuck my tail between my legs and submit. Unfortunately, most tradesmen were brought up believing if a tool isn't yellow, red, or blue that it's inferior. Kinda like convincing a diehard Harley rider that Japanese bikes have a right to be on the road too. Now believe me, I own very few Ridgid tools outside of their cordless line, unlike a typical Dewalt fanboy who will not buy any tool, corded or cordless, drill bits, driver bits, underwear, etc unless it's Dewalt brand. Opinions are just that, opinions. My opinion is that Dewalt cordless is crap. But again that's my opinion, however I do own many Dewalt corded tools. So for sake of conversation, most Dewalt/Milwaukee/Makita fanboys will always view Ridgid as some red headed stepchild. Nonetheless, I respect all brands and will not shoot anyone down for using what they prefer. Tool on fellas!
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