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  1. How would one go about cutting or machining this ceramic tube? Abrasive diamond perhaps?
  2. Excellent guidance wingless... thank you. I happened on a set on ebay but I imagine they are going to become scarce in the near future. AND, I love to find interesting supplies for future projects. Cheers!
  3. I checked e-replacementparts and saw that the complete assy (control board, trigger, brush assy, etc) was about $58 plus s&h. I got out my T-6 drivers and opened her up. I couldn't identify anything looking fried on the micro semiconductor board but I did see that there were two transistor with heat sink that were obviously damaged and had that recently electrocuted smell I get in my shorts when wiring ceiling fans in a damp environment without turning off the breaker. I ordered four (need two) from eBay for $9 delivered from China... I'll report my imminent success (or failure) when the parts arrive next week. I have more time and skill than money. I'd usually just buy a new gun or the repair assy and be done with it. That, and I get a kick out of repairing things at a component level...
  4. I am about to do some prep work prior to fabrication and I dragged out me sandy jet blaster (craftsman siphon media blaster 9-16707) I am checking it out and decided that a ceramic nozzle change would be in order, but the nozzles are not available from Sears. Does anybody know of an alternative other than purchasing another blast media gun? The nozzle is basically a 3/8" OD ceramic tube with a 1/4" ID x (aprox) 1-3/4" long. Cheers!
  5. Thank you reddawg60. I'll check out ereplacementparts.com Cheers!
  6. Yes, There is a product called TefGel that is the answer to where antiseize lacks when it comes to SS in Aluminum. I think that it is an Irwin extractor that I have broken in one of my bolts. It was a set that i had for a while and perhaps i had stressed it in another application, but I was surprised it gave way so easily. Wow, you sure did make a nice collection of reliable tools and kits for this community in your link. I am confident I am going to like this place....
  7. Does any manufacturer make a screw / bolt extractor that is worth a hoot? Your suggestions and recommendations are greatly appreciated. I am working on an outboard motor trying to extract ss bolts and screws from cast aluminum. I am in Florida, and these are subjected to sea water, so it is not looking good. Things get substantially worse when a hardened tool steel extractor breaks off in the drilled 'stuck' bolt. PB Blaster penetrant oil, heat, patients, persistence, more PB and more patients...
  8. On the power tools: When I am a hundred miles from the shop and i forgot the 4" grinder, I'll buy one at HFT. It is junk, but $20 is more convenient than running back to town. It was proposed to me that the tools are assembled so quickly and are so un-refined... that a trick to getting MUCH more life out of the power tools it to run them in. Clamp your cheap powertool into a vice, aim a fan at it for cooling airflow, and just let that tool run without a load for fifteen or twenty minutes. Allow it to cool thoroughly, at least an hour (overnight if possible) and then put it into service. The above procedure lets the tool break in and seat the brushes. Try it, you may be surprised...
  9. Hey folks... I was abusing my Milwaukee M-18, 1/2" hammer drill (perhaps six years old) about four days ago and *pop* or *snap* a wisp of smoke arose... I am an active member in all other things I love and thought 'there must be a battery tool forum' I was turning a 2 1/2" bimetal hole saw in aluminum. It was kinda grabby and while I was certain that these amazing drills could handle it, I presume, I was mistaken. I am in seek of advice and guidance in the most economical solution to repair or replacement. I am seldom a tradesman these days and I did not have a whole lot of mileage on this tool. Should I pursue repair or simply replace it? Unfortunately, I have more time than money. I've yet to perform troubleshooting. What torx bit is required to get inside? Is there any sort of guide available? Are there any unexpected springs or parts to misplace? Thank you for your anticipated assistance. fab
  10. I love the red battery tools... Yesterday I let the smoke out with a *pop* and I seek a solution. I am a forum member of all other things I love and had the great idea that somewhere there must be a 'battery tool forum', well I hope this place lives up to my expectations. I am old, fat and too lazy these days to lay out an extension cord, so my pretties suit my need for rotational power just fine. Cheers!
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