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  1. I happened to get a great "Deal". I ordered a Milwaukee 2604-22CT on amazon at its retail price. Its a hammer drill kit with 2x 2 amp hour batteries. Well they sent me Milwaukee 2604-22, Which has 2x 4 amp hour batteries instead. No complaints.
  2. I purchased the Milwaukee 2604-22 kit, Comes with the hammer drill, 2 of the 4 amp hour batteries and a charger. I purchased brand new, So i opened it and i noticed both batteries were dead (single led blinking) and none would turn the chuck, but the led work light came on. I charged one fully and when i tried the drill it was the same deal, Only the work light came on, Battery was full and was not even warm. Frustrated i charged the other only to find the same issue. I had an idea to turn the flywheel while holding the trigger, It did nothing... So i tried turning it and then pressing the tr
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