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  1. Hello, Thanks for all the great advice. I already have a DeWALT circ saw, drill, and impact. I think that I will stick with that system for right now. I also have some of the toughsystem items. I have some experience with Festools and they are very nice tools. I plan on doing mostly rough framing but also some finer work as well. This is where I can see the Festools being good. Another thing that I forgot to mention was nailers. What would you say for those? Battery or Pneumatic? Let me know Nathan
  2. Hello Everyone, I am starting in the trades and am looking at buying into a cordless line of tools. What would you guys suggest? I want find the most complete line I can. I am mostly going to be doing remodeling and finishing. I want to find out what system people have and how they like it. Nathan
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